Dear Disney, Really? Hero’s and Princesses?!?!

During the Christmas holidays my family and I went to see the NEW Disney On Ice which was showing at the O2 in London. It was a great show and I was captivated. However, when my husband told me what the title of the show was called I did hold my breath. Come on, Hero’s and Princesses, really?!

Now I realise when Walt Disney first drew Mickey and Minnie Mouse we were living in a time when women stayed at home until they got married. Men and women ‘courted’ before they then decided to get married. It was also a time when women wore skirts and dresses and waited for prince charming to gallop along on his white horse. I’m hoping not a lot of women do this nowadays.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse

As most ‘normal’ women today don’t live like the princesses portrayed in Disney and I feel it’s time Disney updated their story lines. We now live in the 21st century and women have come a long way since Disney’s day. Hey Disney, women actually got the vote thanks to a lot of brave ladies risking everything.

In today’s world, women actually wear trousers a lot and seldom rely on a man to sweep them off their feet. The title Hero’s and Princesses makes it seem like for a woman to be a young person’s heroine then they must hold a royal title. Plus have a wardrobe full of skirts and dresses. I don’t understand why this show can’t just simply be called ‘Hero’s and Heroines’ or just simply ‘Hero’s’.

Those princesses can be hero’s for young girls. Don’t get me wrong I’m not opposed to Disney and I like the fact that Walt Disney came from humble beginnings. Mr Disney had a dream, he created his dream, then he made that dream a reality which he was able to share with the world. Young or old, rich or poor we can all still enjoy the stories produced by this company. I think it’s amazing when someone’s idea becomes part of our everyday lives.

Although I do think it’s time to change the way the Disney princesses are viewed. They could be hero’s to many young girls but I think we need to stop showing them as just waiting around for Mr Right. They could start wearing trousers or have a job before they run off with their handsome Prince. Perhaps Disney could make a cartoon story of the Suffragettes’ lives to teach young people how far women have come.

Disney Castle

Disney has a captive audience. People of all ages will sit and watch a movie. To me, this means Disney has an opportunity to change the way we view a princess. Let’s start 2019 with princesses just being Hero’s. If anyone from Disney ever reads this then thank you and I hope it makes you think about the title of shows in the future.