The Achievements I made in 2018!

Gifts from Grandpa my biggest achievement in 2018

Now I know a lot of people don’t like to look back but I feel 2018 was a great year for me. When any new year rolls in I always start to reminisce about the past 12 months. I enjoy looking back at the moments I have with friends and family. I like to think about all my fun times and what I have achieved.

Thankfully nobody died in my life in 2018 so that’s always a good start. Plus I have a few fond memories that I will treasure. Ted finally finished preschool and then started school. Although he was due to start in the previous year we couldn’t get him into a local school in our area. So we decided to wait and put him back into preschool.

Ted’s first day at school

Personally I think this was the best decision we made for him. I feel that he had an extra year of being able to play. When he was accepted to a local school the first few weeks were quite difficult and it took him a little while to settle in. Ted’s reading was not up to scratch and he did struggle with it. The school has been very good with him and we got him extra help outside of school.

Now fast forward a few months and I can honestly say he’s doing very well at school. It’s not his favourite place to go but once he’s there I think he enjoys it. The preschool always told me that my son was a clever boy and he would quickly catch up. Which he has done and my husband Howard and I are really proud parents.

My next fun moment was our holiday to Switzerland. We had a fantastic time visiting my cousins and going to lots of different places. It was a really brilliant adventure. We were there for Ted’s birthday and he had a great day. Visiting Switzerland was on my list of goals for 2018 so I was very pleased when we got to go.

Another goal for 2018 was to get up early every day to meditate and exercise. OK so I didn’t make it every day but almost I’d say. I also decided that if I didn’t get up I wouldn’t beat myself up about it. However this is a goal I’m going to continue with in 2019. I feel so much more alive when I get up early and exercise the mind and body.

My final goal for 2018 was to write a recipe book and I’m pleased to say I have done it. It took me nearly a year to write and I loved every minute of it. I had so much fun writing, producing and publishing my very own cookery book, Gifts from Grandpa. It gave me such a sense of achievement and I am so proud of myself.

Although, I can’t claim I did the editing as that was thanks to my lovely husband and also my cousin. Apart from that everything in that book is all mine. When I received my copy in the post it gave me a massive buzz and I felt as though my 2018 was complete. For me looking back on my year has helped to motivate me to move forward in 2019. I had a great 2018 and I want to make 2019 even better.