Googie’s Kitchen presents Harissa Spiced Beef Burgers

Harissa Spiced Beef Burgers with sweet potato chips, salad and mango chutney

On a recent trip to the supermarket I decided to browse the spices. Occasionally they introduce different spices and the week I went I discovered a Harrisa spice mix. Normally I don’t tend to buy these types of spices because they can have sugar in them. I realise that it would only be a tiny amount of sugar that would go into my food but I just don’t understand why they need to put it in the first place.

Since giving up sugar and processed foods I try not to buy products with added sugar. So when I found this Harrisa spice mix without the added sugar I decided to try it. The meal I thought I would add it to was my burger recipe and it was so yummy I just had to share it with you. Below is a video and recipe for you.

Harissa Spiced Beef Burgers

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  • Sharp Knife
  • Chopping board
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Fine grater
  • Large mixing bowl
  • Teaspoon
  • Tablespoon
  • Baking tray


  • Mince beef x 500g
  • Spring onions x 1 bunch
  • Courgette x 1 large
  • Ground flax seed x 4 tbsps
  • Tomato puree x 2 tbsps
  • Harrisa spices x 1 tsp
  • Oregano x 1 tsp
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Preheat the oven to 180ºC and add the tray at the same time.
  • Start by chopping the spring oniona and grating the courgette.
    • I like to use a fine grater for this task as it makes the burger very moist.
  • Add the chopped onion and grated courgette to the bowl along with the mince beef.
  • Next add the tomato puree, harissa spices, oregano and salt and pepper.
  • Using your hands, scrunch all the ingredients together.
  • Once they are well mixed, make the mixture into four burgers.
  • Remove the preheated tray from the oven and put the burgers in.
  • Let them cook for 25 – 30 minutes and remove once browned on the outside.
Harissa Spiced Beef Burgers with sweet potato chips, salad and mango chutney

Harrisa Spiced Beef Burgers were a big hit with my husband Howard and I. To be honest, I didn’t try to feed one to my son Ted. I made a separate burger for him and then I added the spices for Howard and I. We really enjoyed them and we ate them with my delicious Mango Chutney too. The burgers can be made in advance of a meal and frozen. Plus the summer is finally on it’s way so these would make yummy BBQ burgers too. However you decide to eat this meal, as always, please enjoy. Thank you xxx