Dried Plum, Orange, Ginger and Chocolate Bliss Balls


Dried Plum, Ginger, Orange and Chocolate Bliss Balls

Dried Plum, Orange, Ginger and Chocolate Bliss Balls are so yummy. They make a great snack or after dinner treat and if you’re feeling really generous then they can make a fantastic gift for a friend. These bliss balls are very simple and easy. For those of you who are wanting a tutorial on how to make these delicious treats then please go to my You Tube channel for more details.

When I’m at home I like to make the bliss balls in my Magimix which we bought from Amazon. It’s been a blessing to have a Magimix and I would highly recommend that everyone invests in one. They are not cheap but they are a great piece of equipment for your kitchen. I use the Magimix for not only making bliss balls but also for other delicious treats, quick snacks like hommus and guacamole to soups and smoothies. Also, I have used it to juice and to grate or slice vegetables and fruits. They are a brilliant piece of equipment and well worth investing in. Plus, the bliss ball mixture blends really well in one.

As well as using the Magimix for this recipe I have used cashew nut butter which we buy from Amazon. It’s from a company called the Real Food Source and I have mentioned them in my blogs before. I love their nut butters because they do not roast the nuts before making them into butter. Nuts tend to lose a lot of their nutritional value when they are roasted. Therefore they are not as good for the body. There are no chemical nasties added to preserve the butter either and they use organic nuts. So the Real Food Source have a pure product and we love that in this family.

The Real Food Source nut butters are great and we do buy them in bulk. I use these products in a lot of my recipes so they are always eaten. The cashew nut butter tastes great with the other ingredients in these bliss balls. So they are well worth a try. For me, this is a great weekend recipe that makes a tasty treat for the mid week munchies.

Makes lots



Dried Plum, Orange, Ginger and Chocolate Bliss Balls

  • Magimix or food processor
  • Teaspoon
  • Bowl or plate
  • Glass Jar


  • Dried plums or prunes destoned x 150g
  • Real Food Source cashew nut butter x 150g
  • Orange x 1 (juice and zest)
  • Ground Ginger x 1 – 2 tsp
  • Raw cacao powder x 2 heaped tsp
  • Dessicated coconut x 100g


  • Put all of the ingredients into the Magimix or food processor and blend.
  • Once the mixture is blended together remove the blade.
  • Start to make the bliss balls from the mixture.
  • It will be sticky so having damp hands should help.
  • Grab a piece of the mixture and roll between the hands until a ball has formed.
  • Then roll the ball in the coconut.
  • Continue making balls this way until all the mixture is gone.
  • Place in a glass jar and refrigerate until ready to enjoy.

Dried Plum, Orange, Ginger and Chocolate Bliss Balls

As I have already mentioned, these bliss balls make a sweet treat for the munchies mid week or a brilliant gift for a friend. To be honest, I have not told my family I have made them because I want to savour them for as long as they don’t know they’re in the fridge (disgraceful! – Ed). Otherwise, my friends, they will be gone. Shh, it’s our secret and if you decide to keep these a secret too I won’t tell. However you decide to eat this recipe, as always, please enjoy.