Vegan Sweet Potato Moussaka

Vegan Moussaka 5

Vegan Moussaka with brocolli

During the week I try to put less meat on our table, and we eat more vegan or vegetarian dinners. I feel eating less meat is better for our waistlines and it means that, when we do eat meat, we can afford better quality. Plus I love vegetables – my son and husband are not so keen – but for me, veg is just yummy.

My husband often asks me if I was a rabbit in a past life to which I reply probably yes. Personally, having five portions of fruit and vegetables a day is not enough for me. I could eat them all day long and this recipe is packed with delicious vegetables. It’s a highly nutritious meal that is filling and will feed the family or a single person.

Serves 4

Vegan Moussaka 11

Vegan Sweet Potato Moussaka


  • Sharp knife
  • Chopping board
  • Vegetable peeler
  • Baking trays
  • Bowl
  • Nutribullet or blender


  • Cashew Nut Cream Cheese x 1
  • Sweet potatoes x 2 large
  • Onions x 2
  • Aubergine x 1 large
  • Tomatoes x 6 – 8 large
  • Green courgette x 1
  • Yellow courgette x 1
  • Red pepper x 1
  • Olive oil
  • Mixed herbs
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Start by making the cashew nut cream cheese.
  • Preheat the oven to 200°C and put in the baking trays.
  • Wash the potatoes, and once the oven is preheated, remove one baking tray.
  • Put the potatoes in and put into the oven for about an hour.
  • Next wash the other vegetables.
  • Now peel the aubergine and courgettes.
  • Cut these into large 1 cm pieces.
  • Then peel the skin from the onions and cut into quarters.
  • Remove the core from the red pepper and cut into quarters.
  • Take the other baking tray from the oven and put the chopped vegetables and the tomatoes in.
  • Drizzle with olive oil and sprinkle with mixed herbs and salt and pepper to taste.
  • Put back into the oven for 30 – 40 minutes.
  • When the vegetables are cooked leave to cool.
  • Then mash the vegetables with the potato masher.
  • Once the potatoes are cooked, remove from the oven and leave to cool.
  • Remove the skin and mash the flesh of the potatoes.
  • Pour half of the mashed vegetables into a spare bowl.
  • Spread the rest of the vegetables across the base of the baking tray.
  • Next spread half the mashed potato across the vegetables.
  • Now spread half of the cashew nut cream cheese across the top.
  • Repeat this process and then put the moussaka back into the oven for 10 – 15 minutes.
  • Just until the top has browned.
  • Serve with broccoli or a vegetable of your choice and enjoy.
Vegan Moussaka 8

Vegan Sweet Potato Moussaka and Brocolli

Vegan Sweet Potato Moussaka is a delicious dinner that my little family enjoyed. Well, my husband loved it, even though it had aubergine in but my son was not so keen. Ted complained there were too many vegetables. As always, all ingredients in this meal are freezable so you could make double and freeze it for another occasion. However you decide to eat this dish please enjoy. xxx

Do you have a favourite vegan dish you enjoy making? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me. Thank you. xxx