Cashew Nut Cream Cheese and Raspberry Chocolate Swiss Roll

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Cashew Nut Cream Cheese and Raspberry Chocolate Swiss Roll

To be honest I have been thinking about making a chocolate swiss roll for a long time. I hate to admit it now but I was always a little bit scared of making this cake. It sounds silly now I’ve done it but I thought the cake would fall apart when I tried to roll it.

As it’s the time of year we tend to ‘roll out’ this type of cake so I thought I would investigate other Swiss Roll recipes. I discovered that the cake actually needs to be very light but flexible to be able to roll it. Once I made the cake I realised there is nothing to fear.

The cake was a huge success and everyone who ate it really enjoyed it. Although this cake was time consuming, the efforts were worth the results and I may make more like this one in the future. So watch this space.

Have you ever been afraid of a recipe? If so, which one? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me.


Cashew Nut Cream Cheese and Raspberry Chocolate Swiss Roll
  • Large mixing bowl x 2
  • Mixing bowl
  • Electric whisk
  • Stirring Spoon
  • Rubber spatula
  • Sieve
  • Fine grater
  • Tablespoon
  • Teaspoon
  • Baking tray
  • Grease proof paper
  • Plastic brush
  • Tea towel
  • Small saucepan

Ingredients for the sponge

  • Maple syrup x 100mls
  • Eggs x 4 medium
  • Vanilla extract x 1 tsp
  • Sweet potato x 100g
  • Rice flour x 50g
  • Raw cacao powder x 20g
  • Baking powder x 1tsp
  • Maple syrup for the grease proof paper

Ingredients for the filling

  • Raspberries x 2 handfuls
  • Brown sugar x 2 tbsps
  • Water x 20mls

Ingredients for the cashew nut cream cheese

  • Cashew nut cream cream x 100g
  • Maple syrup x 2 tbsp

Method for making the sponge

  • Preheat the oven to 180°C or gas mark 4.
  • Pre line the baking tray with a sheet of grease proof paper.
  • Pour a little of the extra maple syrup onto the grease proof paper.
  • Spread it across the base with the plastic brush.
  • Now pour the maple syrup into a large mixing bowl.
  • Remove 2 tablespoons of maple syrup from the mixing bowl and put them into the other mixing bowl.
  • Seperate the eggs and put the yolks into the bowl with 2 tablespoons of maple syrup.
  • Then put the whites into the bowl with the rest of the syrup.
  • Add in the vanilla extra and whisk all of these ingredients together.
  • Once the egg whites are stiff and you can put the bowl upside down above your head with the mixture falling out, set the bowl aside.
  • Peel and finely grate the sweet potato.
  • Whisk the eggs yolks and maple syrup together.
  • When these ingredients are fluffy, add in the sweet potato and continue whisking.
  • Now with the rubber spatula fold one third of the egg whites mixture into the egg yolk mixture.
  • Once these are well mixed together, fold in the final third of the egg whites.
  • To do this, put the egg whites into the middle of the bowl.
  • Go under the contents of the bowl with the spatula as if you are cleaning the sides and put the mixture from the bottom of the bowl on top.
  • Continue this process until everything is mixed in.
  • Mix the baking powder, raw cacao powder and rice flour together in a bowl.
  • Then pour the bowl into a sieve over the cake mixture.
  • Now sieve these ingredients into the mixture and fold these in as well.
  • When everything is well mixed together pour the mixture into the baking tray.
  • Spread the mixture carefully across the base of the tray.
  • Being careful not to knock the air out of the cake.
  • Put the cake into the middle of the oven for 15 minutes.
  • Place a skewer into the cake and if it comes out clean it’s cooked.
  • If it doesn’t come out clean put the cake back in for another couple of minutes and test again.
  • Repeat this process until the skewer is clean.
  • Lay the clean tea towel on a flat surface and remove the cake from the oven.
  • Turn the cake upside down so that the grease proof paper is facing you.
  • Remove the grease proof paper immediately.
  • Then put it back and then roll the cake in the tea towel and paper.
  • Leave in a roll for 15 minutes.

Method for the jam

  • Place the small saucepan on a high heat on the hob.
  • Add the raspberries, water and sugar.
  • Stir these ingredients together
  • Bring these ingredients to the bowl and then turn the heat down.
  • Leave to simmer until all the sugar has dissolved and the fruit has softened.
  • Remove from the heat and leave to cool.

Method for the cashew nut cream cream

  • Pour two tablespoons of maple syrup into the bowl of cashew nut cream cheese and mix together.

Method for putting the cake together.

  • Unroll the cake and remove the paper completely.
  • Place the cake on a board.
  • Spread the cashew nut cream cheese across the cake.
  • Don’t go too close to the edges as the cream and jam will spread once the cake is rolled up again.
  • Now spread the jam on top of the cream cheese.
  • Next roll the cake again.
  • Leave the cake to cool completely.
  • Then store in the fridge until ready to serve.
  • Finally enjoy.
Cashew Nut Cream Cheese and Raspberry Chocolate Swiss Roll

Cashew Nut Cream Cheese and Raspberry Chocolate Swiss Roll made a delicious dessert after our dinner. As I mentioned earlier, everyone who ate this was very impressed and although it took time to make it was worth it in the end. It can be eaten as a dessert or could be a yummy afternoon treat too. However you decide to eat this cake, as always, enjoy.

Thank you. xxx