Soup! It’s good for the Soul.

Soup! It’s good for the Soul.
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When I was a child, instead of turning to children’s pain killers for help when I was feeling unwell I would always be feed a nutritious meal. Normally I would be given a warming soup made with bone broth. My Nan would always make stews from the leftover bones of a roast dinner. At the time, I don’t think I realised that these meals were very nourishing.

Warm soup made with lots of vegetables and bone broth can help the stomach. Soup contains a high amount of water that helps to feed your body and it can keep your skin fresh. It’s a healthy option that can be prepared in a variety of ways. Soups can be made with beans, legumes, veggies and even rice. Nowadays I enjoy making soups with nutrient dense bone broth or chicken stock and lots of vegetables.

The one way I like to make soup is in the slow cooker. It’s simple and easy but helps to keep a lot of nutritional value in the ingredients. The way soup is prepared can affect the vitamins, minerals and proteins in the food. My belief is the slower food is cooked the more nutrients it will hold. Plus the slow cooker is a cheap way to cook food.

One of the main reasons I continue to eat soups on a weekly basis, even during the summer is they can help with bloating and stomach issues. Stomach issues are a problem I have been suffering with for a long time. Therefore I feel the soups I make keep my digestive system healthy and they give me a sense of satiety. They help me to feel full for longer and I tend to eat less after a bowl of soup.

Soup! It’s good for the Soul.

All the soups I cook are always rich in flavour and I’m always trying new recipes. I have a wide variety of soups on my blog and I love to try new flavours. I enjoy making vegan, vegetarian and meat eater soups. My inspiration has come from my dad and nan’s cooking skills. My Dad and Nan had an ability to make a yummy meal with a few ingredients and they could also make you feel better with their meals too.