Gluten Free, Delicious Vegan Banana Bread

Banana Bread

Ingredients for Banana Bread

At the weekend, I noticed we had a few very ripe bananas and I’m not one to waste food. So I decided to make them into a gluten free banana bread. It tends to go down really well in our house. My husband and son always enjoy it and my mum will probably be round during the week for a slice. Plus for me bananas are a staple part of my diet and I normally have one every day.

Adding a banana to your diet has an array of benefits to your body. Bananas can help you to reach your weight loss goals, keep your bowels healthy, provide nutrients that help to regulate heart rhythms and they have vitamin compounds for eye health. They are high in potassium and pectin and they can be a good way to get magnesuim, vitamin C and B6 into the body. Bananas, like most fruit, are high in antioxidants as well so can help to protect the body from free radicals.

Banana Bread4

Banana loaf with chocolate spread

They are one of the most widely consumed fruits in the world. The curved yellow fruit packs in a lot of nutritional benefits. It is now believed by some scientists that bananas may have even been the world’s first fruit. In the story of Adam and Eve people now believe that it would have been a banana that was picked and not an apple.

So Eve tempted Adam with a banana and not an apple. So this is how the human race began on bananas. The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach. I wonder if Eve would have made Adam a banana loaf. I would like to think so.

Makes 1 loaf

Equipment needed

  • Mixing bowl
  • Fork
  • Teaspoon
  • Tablespoon
  • Measuring jug
  • Scales
  • Loaf tin
  • Grease proof paper
  • Skewer


  • Ripe bananas x 3
  • Vanilla powder x 1/4 tsp
  • Chia seeds x 1 tbsp
  • Water x 2 1/2 tsp
  • Coconut oil x 3 tbsp
  • Maple syrup x 100mls
  • Baking powder x 3 tsp
  • Salt x 3/4 tsp
  • Ground cinnamon x 1/2 tsp
  • Almond milk x 180mls
  • Ground almonds x 150g
  • Brown rice flour x 200g
  • Gluten free oats x 100g


  • Preheat the oven to 180ºC and then line the loaf tin with the grease proof paper.
  • Next weigh and measure all the ingredients.
  • Make a chia seed egg by mixing the seeds and water in a bowl.
  • Leave to stand for about five mins.
  • Peel the ripe bananas, add them to the bowl and then mash with the fork.
  • Once the bananas are mashed add the chia seed egg, coconut oil, vanilla powder, maple syrup, baking powder, salt, cinnamon, almond milk and combine all the ingredients.
  • Then add the ground almonds, brown rice flour and gluten free oats.
  • Bake for 40 – 50 minutes depending on your oven.
  • Once it is ready is should be firm and golden brown on top. Put a skewer in it to check that it is cooked all the way through.
  • If the skewer comes out clean it’s cooked.
  • Leave to cool completely before serving.
Banana Bread3

Banana bread with chocolate spread, jam and honey

For this recipe I made a chocolate spread, like nutella but healthier. We ate it on Sunday morning and it was delicious. The banana bread would also be good for a packed lunch treat or enjoyed as an afternoon snack. If you don’t have any nutella, you could always try butter and honey or my berry jam recipe. As always, if you make this bread then please enjoy.