My Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas

My Salted ‘Datey’ Caramel Cookies/Biscuits

Last year I wrote a post about my 4 favourite homemade gifts and this year I thought I’d share with you my new favourites for Christmas 2018. I love Christmas and I really like receiving gifts. For me, nothing beats a homemade gift, as it means your friend or relative has thought about you while making it. It shows they have put the effort in to think about what you would like as a present. 

Personally I love making people biscuits and they are my go to gift. Biscuits are a good gift because they keep for about three weeks. It means they could be made in advance of the gift giving day. My personal favourites are my Almond Biscotti and my NEW Salted Caramel Biscuits made with Medjool dates. 

The next gift I love to give people is my flapjacks and the best ones are my NEW Salted Caramel Flapjacks. These don’t last as long as so I normally make them nearer the time. Flapjacks just smell so inviting and they look so delicious. The perfect gift for a person with a sweet tooth. 

Cakes are also a great gift to give friends and family members. I recently did a collaboration with The Crazy Carney’s and the lovely Amy made delicious looking cupcakes on her channel. Another great gift to give is my Grandad’s Ginger Parkin. Ginger Parkin is a cake that will store in a tin for at least four weeks. In fact, you are meant to store this in a tin for three weeks before eating it. So it can definitely be made in advance of your gift giving day. 

The final gift I have recently given to my in laws are my Salted ‘Datey’ Caramels. These are very labour intensive and they are time consuming. However the results are amazing and they are a gift that will keep for a few weeks. So again could be given in advance. If you know someone with a sweet tooth then these are the perfect present. 

All of these presents I have given to friends and family in the past and they have always been well received. My son Ted’s preschool teacher told me how much she was going to miss my homemade presents when he left preschool. I like receiving a homemade gift but even better is giving a homemade gift. 

Do you give homemade gifts and if so what have you given in the past? Let me know in the comments below and please do not forget to like and follow me. Thank you. xxx