Googie’s Kitchen present Maple Pecan Lavender Date Balls

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At 11 am and about 3.30 pm I am always in need of a little snack. I don’t really need anything big, just a small treat to pick me up and help me to keep going. These date balls are one of those fantastic treats that will fuel my energy until lunch or dinner. The date balls are easy to make and store in the fridge for a few weeks. So I thought as they make such a good snack I would make a video on how to make them. Please click the link below the picture to see how to make these yummy treats. The recipe is also below.

Click Maple Pecan Lavender Date Balls on my YouTube channel Googie’s Kitchen.

A few years ago I was making date balls like they were going out of fashion. Then for one reason or another I just stopped. Recently however I’ve been thinking about how to use lavender in recipes and I suddenly thought they would be delicious with dates.

So I decided to give this idea a try and I wasn’t disappointed. I feel the ingredients in these date balls really compliment each other very well. I decided to use pecan as I wanted a change from cashew nut butter. The nuttiest of the pecans and the sweet flavour of the lavender and dates makes this a mouthwatering combination. One that I think everyone would be mad to miss but then again I would do!


Maple Pecan Lavender Date Balls
  • Food processor
  • Air tight container
  • Tablespoon


  • Roasted Maple Pecans x 100g
  • Medjool dates x 100g
  • Raw cacao powder x 2 tbsp plus extra for dusting
  • Coconut oil x 2 tbsp
  • Lavender x 2 – 4 sprigs


  • First see my Roasted Maple Pecans recipe.
  • Remove the stones from the medjool dates.
  • Put these into the food processor along with the pecans, cacao powder, coconut oil and lavender.
  • Blend all these ingredients together.
  • Once the ingredients are blended together, remove from the food processor and put into the fridge for a couple of hours.
  • After two hours or more remove the mixture from the fridge.
  • Grab a piece and roll it between your hands into a ball.
  • Now roll it in the extra cacao powder.
  • Repeat the process with the rest of the mixture.
  • Store in the airtight container until ready to eat.
  • Then enjoy.
Maple Pecan Lavender Date Balls

Maple Pecan Lavender Date Balls were so easy to do. The lavender can be tasted in these date balls so if you are not a fan then just don’t add it. These date balls are delicious and they make a great snack. If you can bear to part with them they make a brilliant present too. Plus they will keep for a few weeks in an airtight container. Be sure to keep them in the fridge if the weather is warmer. Otherwise the coconut oil will make them melt in the heat. However you decide to eat these yummy date balls, as always, enjoy!

Do you love snacks and what sort of foods do you enjoy snacking on? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me. Thank you and see you all soon. xxx