5 Energy Ball Gift Ideas

5 Energy Ball Gift Ideas

Christmas will soon be upon us and everyone will be rushing around buying last minute presents. Nowadays I like to make my own gifts as well as buy a few gifts too. I love to cook and experiment with flavours and textures. Energy balls are definitely a great way to test lots of different tastes. You can add and takeaway ingredients to suit your personnel preferences. With this in mind I also love to make energy balls for friends and family too.

For me receiving a homemade gift is so unique. I enjoy knowing that the person giving the gift has taken the time and the effort to think of what to make me and then made it. I feel quite special and I hope when I give homemade gifts others feel the same. When I have made them in the past they have always been well received especially when I give energy balls. I know my mum and my mum in law enjoy this as a sweet treat at Christmas. Here are my 5 favourites for you to give or gift to you!

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Fig and Walnut Energy Balls

Fig and Walnut Energy Balls are a delicious snack that I enjoy during the day either as an afternoon or after lunch treat. My husband Howard and son Ted won’t eat these so they were all for me. I have to admit I thoroughly enjoyed eating them and I would suggest making them all for you too. If you want to be kind then you could share and they would make a yummy gift for a friend or relative.

Apricot and Ghee Energy Balls

Snack time, after breakfast, is my next favourite time of the day. I love a little treat to keep me going until lunch or dinner. In the past I have made energy balls with dates but I had never made them with apricots. My husband and I often buy dried fruit from our local wholesalers.

Recently, we have been buying dried apricots and I decided to try them in an energy ball or two. Apricots are packed full of nutrients and can help to promote gut health. I enjoy a couple of apricots occasionally after my dinner. However, now I have used them in an energy ball, it’s a different story.

Maple Pecan Lavender Date Balls

Maple Pecan Lavender Date Balls were so easy to do. The lavender can be tasted in these date balls so if you are not a fan then just don’t add it. These date balls are delicious and they make a great snack. If you can bear to part with them they make a brilliant present too. Plus they will keep for a few weeks in an airtight container. Be sure to keep them in the fridge if the weather is warmer. Otherwise the coconut oil will make them melt in the heat.

Apricot and Ghee Energy Balls

Vegan Salted Caramel Truffles

Chocolate is one of my favourite sweet treats and I think truffles make a great gift at Christmas time. Instead of buying truffles, I always enjoy making them for my friends and family. Chocolate truffles are such an easy gift to make and these don’t take a lot of time. Plus if you don’t want to make them for every person in your address book you could always make them as an after dinner treat too. They are a delicious mid afternoon snack on Christmas day.

Mint Chocolate Date and Fig Balls

As much as I love dates I do enjoy a change every so often. As well as dates I really like figs and other dried fruit. To be honest, I normally just eat medjool dates and dried figs. Obviously I eat all dried fruit in moderation. Plus I have never eaten figs and dates together. As I was stood at the fridge I decided to try the two together with mint and chocolate. The results were amazing and it’s a recipe I will be making again.

Mint Chocolate Date and Fig Balls

5 Energy Ball Gift Ideas are always a big hit when I give them as gifts to others. As I mention in this post my husband and son don’t really enjoy these sweet treats. Therefore I don’t mind eating them all but as I have also said they are great to give as gifts as well. These delicious energy balls can be enjoyed with friends as an after dinner treat or just to have as a sweet treat. However or whoever you enjoy these delicious energy balls with, as always, please enjoy. Thank you.