Mint Choc Chip Smoothie!

Mint Choc Chip SmoothieSmoothies are a new breakfast or snack favourite of mine. They are a great ‘on the go’ food and they are quick to prepare. In this smoothie I have included ingredients that will give me a much needed boost in the morning. Everything in it is much better for me than a cup of coffee to kick start my liver into the day. Smoothies are also a great ‘pick me up’ in the afternoon too.

My two main ingredients in this smoothie are raw cacoa powder and cacao nibs. Both of these come from the cacao bean and they are not as highly processed as dark chocolate. If fact they are a superfood that can improve your memory, increase your bliss, reduce heart disease, shed fat, boost immunity and create loads of energy.

Raw cacao contains nearly as much as four times the antioxidant content of regular processed dark chocolate, 20 times more than blueberries and 119 times more than bananas. They are the most natural form of chocolate because they have not been through too many processes. Raw cacao contains lots of vitamins and minerals that are essential for keeping the body and mind happy and healthy.

The next ingredient is maca powder which is rich in vitamin B, C and E. It provides plenty of calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium, phosphorous and amino acids. Maca can help with sexual function, women’s health, skin, mood and general health. I have not used maca powder before but recently I have been reading about the benefits. Especially with regards to hormones and mood which is great for girls with Polycistic Ovaries Syndrome. (PCOS).

Mint is another ingredient in this recipe which is great for digestion. Mint is well known in the West as a mouth or breath freshener. It has also been used for hundreds of years for its remarkable medicinal properties. It is a great appetiser or palate cleanser and it promotes digestion. Mint can help with nausea, headaches, respiratory disorders, coughs, asthma, depression, fatigue and lots more.

Spinach, shh no one will know its in there and raw spinach is so good for you. Popeye was not lying when he was eating spinach. It is another superfood that is packed with lots of nutrients. The dark leafy green is important for skin, hair, bones and it provides protein, iron and essential vitamins and minerals. Spinach is a great green for lowering the blood sugar levels, the risk of cancer and the risk of blood pressure.

Oats have been added to this recipe as they are so good for you especially first thing in the morning. The oats are optional as I realise they might be to filing for an afternoon snack. I find that oats help me too stay full until lunch and they make this smoothie extra thick too.

Frozen blueberries have been put into this smoothie to give it a naturally sweet chill. As I have mentioned before my son loves blueberries and I try to add them to lots of my sweet recipes. Although you can’t really taste them in this smoothie, again they are high in essential vitamins and minerals. Great for warding off diseases.

Bananas and avocados are my two final ingredients and they are both great in a smoothie. Bananas are packed with potassium which is great for lowering blood pressure. They are a good source of vitamin C which can help combat free radicals known to cause cancer. Also the high fibre content found in bananas is thought to be good for combating both types of diabetes.

Avocados are a naturally-dense food that contain nearly 20 vitamins and minerals. Studies have shown that a predominantly plant based diet that includes foods such as avocados can help to reduce the risk of obesity, diabetes and other diseases. They can increase overall mortality, energy and lower weight.

Smoothies make a quick and easy breakfast or snack. This recipe is crammed full of goodness that will keep you going at breakfast or as a mid afternoon snack.

Serves 1

Equipment needed

  • Sharp Knife
  • Chopping Board
  • Tablespoon
  • Teaspoon
  • Food processor/smoothie maker or Stick blender
  • Jug

Ingredients needed

  • Gluten free oats x 30g (optional)
  • Banana x 1 large
  • Avocado x 1/2 medium
  • Almond milk x 200mls
  • Spinach x 1 large handful
  • Fresh mint x 1 large handful
  • Frozen blueberries x 1 large handful
  • Raw cacoa powder x 2 heaped tbsp
  • Cacoa nibs x 2 heaped tbsp
  • Maca powder x 1 heaped tsp
  • Date syrup or honey x 1 tbsp (optional)


  • Place all the ingredients into the food processor or smoothie maker and blend.
  • If using a stick blender place all the ingredients into a jug and blend.
  • Simply pour the ingredients into a large glass and drink.

My Mint Choc Chip Smoothie packs a punch in morning. I can drink this on the go or at my table and I know this smoothie will be a much better choice than a piece of toast. I love waking up to one of these and I hope you will too. Enjoy!