5 Alternative Christmas Starters

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Spicy Aubergine, Red pepper and Butter Bean Dip

Normally most people will start a Christmas dinner with Smoked Salmon or a Roasted Goats Cheese. So I thought I would share a few alternatives that may tempt taste buds this Christmas. We never really eat starters in this house as we are more main and dessert people. However, this year I may try one of these on my family to see how we get on. I’ll let you all know next Christmas!!

First starter on our Christmas menu is a favourite of mine, it’s Prawns with Parma Ham. It’s a delicious way to enjoy seafood and fruit. When I lived at home my Dad used to make this as a Friday night supper and I have included the recipe in my book Gifts from Grandpa. We used to eat it with a slice of chunky bread and butter. I think it would make a lovely starter as the melon is quite refreshing. The Parma ham also add extra flavour to the prawns. All the flavours blend well together in this dish.

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Prawns with Parma Ham – Gifts from Grandpa

The next starter is a salad but a warm salad. During the winter months it is better for us to eat warming foods. Our stomachs are colder in winter so we need to eat foods that will warm our system up. So a Warm Caesar Salad is a perfect way to start that Christmas meal. I do love a salad so making this one warm is an excellent way to still keep eating those essential greens. Plus it’s not too filling either. Most of the ingredients for this dish can be made in advance but the greens will need to be fried just before serving.

My third delicious starter is one my mum made my dad when they first met. It’s a Prawn Cocktail and a very 70s dish. It was one of the only dishes my mum could, I want to say cook, but actually it’s more like put together. Thank goodness my dad could cook because my brother and I would have been very hungry kids. Prawn Cocktail is a refreshing dish that isn’t too filling. It’s very easy to do and can be made in advance of a meal.

A vegan friendly dip is next on our Christmas starter menu. Spicy Roasted Aubergine, Red Pepper and Butter Bean Dip is a delicious plant based starter. Although I have called this a dip I think it could be spread across toast or you could cut my Sweet Potato and Quinoa bread into thin slices. Then spread the dip across the top. Of course the dip could also be served with tortilla chips or crisps. Again this is another refreshing starter and I don’t think it would be that filling either.

Warm Caesar Salad

My final starter and my favourite one would be a Pea, Mint and Butter Bean Soup. I won’t be serving this one on Christmas Day as my husband and son aren’t great fans of peas. My mum and I would eat this soup. It means only making it for two people. So I think I’ll make a different starter this year. However, this is a quick and easy starter to cook. You could make it in advance of a meal and freeze it. Then it can be heated on the day and served with a piece of bread.

These starters are a break from the normal Christmas ones. As I mentioned earlier we are normally a main and dessert type of family. Although this year I may make a starter for our Christmas day dinner. All five of these starters are simple and easy to do. Plus they can all be made in advance of Christmas day and kept in the fridge or freezer. However you decide to eat these starters, as always, please enjoy.