5 Noodle Recipes for YOU!

5 Noodle Recipes for YOU!

Now that my son Ted has gone back to school I need speedy meals in the evening and noodles are super quick. Plus Ted loves noodles and he will normally eat the lot if they are served to him. Noodles are a carbohydrate so can help with the glucose levels in the body. They are also low in sodium and can help with cholesterol levels in the body.

In our house we eat gluten free wholemeal rice noodles. It’s made with wholemeal rice flour and water. Therefore it is a processed food but we don’t tend to eat them that often. I like to try and alternate the carbohydrates we eat each week so our bodies don’t become reliant on them. Although Ted thinks these are such a fun food he would quite happily eat them all day long. As they are such a huge hit here are 5 are of our favourites.

What are your favourite noodle dinners? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me.

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Sweet and Sticky Stir Fry Chicken with Noodles

Ted my seven year old son loves noodles. My Chicken Noodle Soup is one of his favourites. So I decided to try a new meal last weekend. We have a couple of staple Chinese meals but I’m always willing to try new dinners. I have a sweet and sour Chinese meal that we all love so I decided to add more honey.

By adding extra honey and taking a few other ingredients away, it made the whole dish much sweeter. My husband Howard and Ted both love sweetness in their meals and all the plates were empty by the time dinner was done. It was one I just had to share with you.

Sticky Bean and Hoisin Noodle Stir Fry

Quick and easy meals are always greatly appreciated by the cook in this house. (The cook is me, just in case you were wondering!) During the week, especially when everyone is at home, I love nothing more than a simple supper/dinner.

Stir fries are a very fast way to put a delicious dinner on the table and this one was no exception. It took no time at all to make the sauce and heat the vegetables. I followed the packet instruction to cook the noodles and I had a meal in under thirty minutes. So if you need quick or tasty or both then this is the dish for you.

Teriyaki Salmon Stir Fry

Chinese is one of our favourite meals to cook as it is quick and easy. For me, it means I don’t have to spend hours slaving over a hot stove which I don’t have much time to do during the week with a small boy around. As a mum I need meals to be on the table in minutes and cooking a Chinese is one of those dinners.

Teriyaki is a meal that is known throughout the world and many people on the planet will have eaten it at one point in their lives. I think of this style of meal as Chinese but actually Teriyaki originated in Japan. It is a Japanese cooking technique and foods are grilled or broiled in a soy and sugar sauce. There are many different types of fish and meat that can be cooked in this style.

For our meal I chose salmon and I grilled the fish. I then added the fish to the teriyaki sauce and the vegetables. So I know it’s probably not the way it’s done in Japan nor China but it was yummy. My son Ted and husband Howard thoroughly enjoyed this meal. There were clean plates the night this was served.

Chicken Noodle Soup

Whenever I hear a person say, ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ it always reminds me of the TV series Friends. You know the one where Rachel asks Joey to make Chicken Noodle Soup sound sexy and he does! So when I decided to make this dish for my little family all I kept thinking during the cooking process was ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’.

Before I started making this meal I thought about how to make a soup with the leftover chicken we had in the freezer. I always buy a large chicken from our local butcher and freeze any leftovers. That’s when Chicken Noodle Soup came to my mind. It was then I knew I had to make this dish. My family and I really enjoyed this soup and it’s one we will be having again.

Slow Cooked Salmon Noodle Soup

A few weeks ago I made our family a slow cooked chicken noodle soup and my son ate the whole meal. My son Ted is normally a very fussy eater but the noodle soup was very well received. So I decided to try this delicious dish with salmon.

The salmon gave the dish a very different flavour which was equally as yummy. I made sure to use lots more stock for this dish and I did change a few of the key ingredients to bring out the taste of the fish. My son loves fish and this was easily one of his favourites.

Nowadays if I mention noodles for dinner my son is the first person at the table. It’s definitely become one of his new favourite dinners. As long as I cut the noodles into pieces for Ted to eat he’s a happy boy. It’s a delicious dinner that the whole family will enjoy.

These 5 noodle recipes are definitely our favourite. We really enjoy eating these dishes and Ted, of course, loves all of them. All these meals are definitely kid friendly and approved by Ted. The sauces are freezable but if you are using rice noodles then they are not. Rice does not freeze well and therefore I wouldn’t recommend freezing rice noodles either. Personally I think these dishes are best served fresh. However you decide to eat these meals, as always, please enjoy. xxx