Mint Hot Chocolate

Mint Hot Chocolate

When winter rolls around we love nothing more than warming drinks to keep us going during the colder months. My husband Howard, son Ted and I all love a hot chocolate. Occasionally I do love a break from the routine too. Normally we’d have a hot choccy on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. In the morning we would go out for a winter walk to a country park and then we would come home to hot chocolate.

In recent months I’ve been experimenting with mint and I had a few leaves left in the packet. I decided to put them into my hot chocolate. Mint can help to boost disgestion and it can also help to keep your breath fresh too. The one fact I learned recently about this clever little herb is that it can help with seasonal depression. Therefore it’s a great to eat throughout the year. Plus it tastes so good in a hot chocolate too.

Do you love mint and what’s your favourite way to eat it? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me.

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Serves 1


  • Mug x 1
  • Small saucepan x 1
  • Tablespoon x 1
  • Stirring spoon x 1


  • Full fat milk x 1 mug (Or a milk or your choice)
  • Raw cacao powder x 2 tbsp
  • Coconut or brown sugar x 1 tbsp ( or more depending on how sweet you like it)
  • Mint leaves x 3 – 5


  • Measure the milk and put it into the sauce pan.
  • Turn the hob on and turn it onto a medium heat.
  • Add in the mint leaves and let the stew in the milk.
  • Blend the coconut sugar in a blender until it resembles a dust.
  • Next add the raw cacao powder and coconut or brown sugar to the pan.
  • Put the pan on a medium heat and stir until the powder dissolves and it has warmed through.
  • Be careful not to let the milk boil over.
  • It should take around five minutes or so to heat through and for the mint to infuse.
  • Once it’s hot or at a temperature you like pour the hot chocolate back into the mug through a colander into a mug.
  • Discard of the mint leaves.
  • Then enjoy.
Mint Hot Chocolate

Mint Hot Chocolate is a drink that can be enjoyed on a cold winters day in front of a favourite film or just sitting down and relaxing. The hot chocolate can be adjusted to anyone’s tastes. You can add more or less cacao or more or less maple syrup. It’s my favourite NEW way to drink this drink but I know the boys like a little bit more sweetness in their drinks. However you decide to drink this delicious hot chocolate, as always, please enjoy.