Googie’s Kitchen presents Herby Seafood Pasta

Herby Salmon Pasta

As I have mentioned in previous blog posts fish dinners are always winners in our house. My son Ted, who is 8 years old, loves fish. My husband Howard, who is older than 8, isn’t such a huge fan. Although he doesn’t mind salmon. Therefore salmon seems to be our preferred choice. Ted is a slightly fussy eater so I’m always experiment with different dishes.

Recently I started growing herbs in the garden. I was inspired by a herbs course I’ve been attending. We have been learning about a variety of different herbs. It inspired me to start using more herbs in my cooking. Herbs add lots of flavour but they are also packed full of goodness too. Plus they tend to go well with many meat and fish meals. The herbs in this dinner are so tasty and it’s one we will be eating again. Below is a video and recipe for you.

Herby Seafood Pasta

Do you use herbs in your cooking and if so, what are your favourites and in what meals do you use them? Let me know In the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me.

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Serves 4


  • Sharp knife
  • Chopping board
  • Large saucepans x 2
  • Stirring spoon
  • Colander


  • Salmon fillets x 2 – 4 fillets
  • Uncooked prawns x 340g (optional)
  • Tomatoes x 1 400g tin
  • Onion x 1 large
  • Garlic x 2 – 4 cloves
  • Courgette x 1
  • Red pepper x 1
  • Tamari x 2 tbsp
  • Tomato puree x 2 tbsp
  • Olive oil for the pan
  • Lemon balm x 1 handful
  • Thyme x 1 handful
  • Rosemary x 1 handful
  • Pasta x 300g
  • Salt and pepper to your taste


  • Turn the salmon over. flesh side down, on the chopping board and remove the skin.
  • Put one hand on top of the salmon and the hold the knife in the other hand.
  • Carefully slice between the flesh and the skin removing it as you go.
  • Cut into chunks and set the fish aside.
  • Repeat the process for the other pieces of salmon.
  • Peel and slice the onion and set this aside.
  • Now peel and slice the garlic.
  • Add in the sliced onion and garlic.
  • Next peel the courgette and grate it.
  • Remove the top from the pepper and take out the core and the green stalks.
  • Slice and dice the flesh.
  • Put the large saucepan onto a high heat and add the oil.
  • Wait for the pan to heat up and add in the onions.
  • Fry until they start to soften slightly.
  • It should take around 5 minutes or so.
  • Now add in the garlic and fry for a further few minutes.
  • Then add in the courgette and red pepper.
  • Fry for another 5 – 10 minutes and then add in the tinned tomatoes.
  • Add in the tamari and tomato puree and stir these ingredients in.
  • Bring these ingredients to the boil and then turn the heat down and leave to simmer.
  • Next cook the pasta of your choice as per the packet instructions.
  • Once cooked, drain the pasta and set it aside.
  • Chop the herbs and add these into the sauce.
  • Then add in the salmon and let it turn pink.
  • Next add in the prawns and let these turn pink.
  • Finally add in the pasta and stir the ingredients together.
  • Then serve and enjoy.
Herby Salmon Pasta

Herby Seafood Pasta was a hit in our house. Howard, Ted and I all enjoyed this meal. It was easy to prepare and cook. The dinner could also be batched cooked and half could be put in the freezer for another occasion. Unless you are using cooked prawns that have already been frozen then I would suggest you make only one meal and eat it that night or the day after. However you decide to eat this dish, as always, please enjoy. xxx