3 Vegan Dessert Recipes

3 Vegan Dessert Recipes

Once upon a time I loved a dessert and when we would go for dinner I would always look at the dessert menu first. Then I discovered a gluten intolerance after giving up sugar and processed foods and the dessert menu no longer looked appealing. To be honest, it was slightly depressing but then I started making my own dishes from scratch. I discovered that I could have my cake and more importantly I could eat it too. Over the years I have made different desserts and here are 3 of our favourites for you.

Do you enjoy dessert and what’s your favourite to order on a menu? let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me.

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Slow Cooker Choc Brownie Slice

Slow cooking is a great way to get dinner on the table without too much fuss. A few years ago I made my Nan’s Rice Pudding in the slow cooker. So this led me to start thinking about the different desserts I could cook in my cooker pot.

It took me a long time to start cooking desserts in the slow cooker but I finally made a delicious chocolate brownie. The brownie was sweet and gooey and it made a yummy pudding after our Sunday lunch. My family and I really enjoyed this dish and my mum had two portions so I know it’s a great dessert. Well worth a try.

Self Saucing Vegan Chocolate Pudding

When I started to make this recipe I wanted to bake a chocolate pudding without the self serving sauce. What I didn’t realise was the way I was making this scrummy dessert meant it would be exactly what I wasn’t looking for.

For one reason or another I decided to use a Bain-marie. I’m not really sure why I decided to use this tool. Basically it’s like boiling the bottom part of the pudding. It means it leaves a small amount of cake uncooked and a lovely chocolate sauce that can smother the pudding.

Although I wasn’t looking for this type of dessert I’m really pleased I found it this way. It was a yummy dish that was easy to bake and even better to eat. Plus it was very well received by my little family. One we will be eating again over the festive season.

Homemade Sticky Toffee Pudding

Occasionally, when we go for lunch as a family and sticky toffee pudding is on the menu for dessert, my husband and son will order it. In fact if I weren’t there, they would probably just have sticky toffee pudding. It’s one of those foods, like fruit toast, that I feel quite envious when they eat it. Sadly, for those of you that don’t know, I’m gluten intolerant, so eating a pudding like this would put me to bed for a few days.

However, when I started thinking about what I could make with dates, I did wonder if this pudding would be one. So I decided to research it on the internet and I discovered that dates are a great base for a sticky toffee pudding. I have made this with ground gluten free oats, dates, coconut sugar and lots of other ingredients. Plus I have also made a vegan version too. You will find how to make this in the method for the pudding. Both are equally as delicious and my little family ate the lot.

3 Vegan Desserts are simply delicious. My little family and I love a dessert especially a chocolate one. I have also made these dishes when friends and family come for dinner too. The feedback is always good and plates are always cleaned by the end too. The desserts are freezable too. They could be made in advance of a meal and frozen. We love these ones and we hope you enjoy them too. However you decide to eat these sweet treats, as always, please enjoy. xxx