Googie’s Kitchen presents Baked Cod and Butter Bean Stew

Slow Cooked Cod and Butter Bean Stew

Fish dinners are huge favourites in our house, especially with my son Ted. Ted is six and a fussy eater but when a fish meal is served you can guarantee he will eat it. I also love cooking a fish dinner. They are normally quick and easy to do.

Although, I find when I cook a fish supper I normally have to stand by the hob. There are times in my life, not very often but occasionally when all I want is the fairies to cook the dinner.

So when I thought about this meal initially I wasn’t going to use the slow cooker. However, I think it was one of those fairy days. I was a little concerned about how to cook the fish but I had an idea and it worked. So I was very pleased with the results and I decided to share them with you. Below is the video and recipe for you.

Slow Cooked Cod and Butter Bean Stew

Do you have children and do they love fish too? What’s their or your favourite fish dish? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me.

Serves 4

Slow Cooked Cod and Butter Bean Stew


  • Sharp knife
  • Chopping board
  • Tablespoon
  • Teaspoon
  • Slow cooker
  • Stirring/Serving spoon


  • Cod x 500g
  • Onion x 1
  • Red pepper x 1
  • Courgette x 1
  • Tinned tomatoes x 2 400g
  • Chicken stock x 500mls
  • Tomato puree x 2 tbsp
  • Tamari or soy sauce x 2 tbsp
  • Dried mixed herbs
  • Butter beans x 2 400g tins
  • Coriander x 1 handful
  • Salt and pepper to taste


  • Peel and slice the onion.
  • Cut the top from the pepper and remove the seeds and green stalk.
  • Now slice the pepper and put these ingredients into the slow cooker.
  • Pour over the tomatoes and chicken stock.
  • Drain the butter beans through the colander and put these into the cooker pot.
  • Add in the tomato puree, tamari or soy sauce and sprinkle over the dried mixed herbs.
  • Stir these ingredients together and add salt and pepper to taste.
  • Put the lid on the slow cooker and cook for three hours on high and six hours on low.
  • After three or six hours, roughly chop the coriander and add this to the pot.
  • Once again stir these ingredients together and add any extra salt and pepper.
  • Then place the fish on top of the sauce and put the lid back on.
  • Cook for a further thirty minutes or until the fish flakes away easily from itself.
  • Finally serve, with couscous, rice or quinoa and enjoy.
Slow Cooked Cod and Butter Bean Stew

Slow Cooked Cod and Butter Bean Stew was a big hit in our house. My son Ted really enjoyed this meal and his plate was clean by the end of dinner. Although my husband Howard is not a lover of fish, he still enjoyed this dinner. For me it was a huge success. It was a fairy meal with not too much washing up too. All the ingredients in this dish are freezable so you could cook the sauce at the weekend and then eat it during the week. However you decide to eat this meal, as always, please enjoy.