5 Cod Dinners for YOU

5 Cod Dinners

As I have mentioned in many posts before, my son Ted and I love fish. I always try to include two fish dishes in our meals each week. Ted has always enjoyed fish dinners so I want to keep encouraging it. I think eating fish is extremely important for our bodies, especially children’s bodies. Now I realise that feeding your children fish is not always easy but if you can include it as part of your weekly menu this may help your child.

Fish has the potential to help develop children’s brains and it can also help with heart health as well. Plus fish is packed with protein and fatty acids. These are all essential for children’s growth. My husband Howard isn’t so keen on fish. There are a a lot of my fish dishes that he enjoys but there a few that he’s not so keen on. It did used to worry me as children tend to follow their parents. Touch wood, Ted seems to still love fish so as long as he’s enjoying it I’ll keep serving it.

Milky Fish Stew

Milk and fish are not normally two ingredients I would put together. The other day I was going to make a fish stew but I didn’t have enough stock to make the stew. Therefore I decided I would add milk to the stew to top up the missing stock. It made the meal smooth and creamy. The stew was very tasty and it was one my little family enjoyed too.

There are lots of alternative milks to choose from in the shops nowadays. Personally I prefer an oat milk by a brand called Oatly. (The blog is not an advert for them I just enjoy their product). Normally I pick this brand because it has no chemical nasties in it. I cannot see the point in adding to a product that doesn’t need any extra help. For this recipe you can use any type of milk you enjoy, but I highly recommend using the organic oat milk by Oatly. It made this meal so tasty and easy to eat.

Spicy Fish Balls on a Tomato Rice

Mackerel is one of those fish, that I hate to admit, I don’t really know what to make with it. To be honest, my dad was the main cook in our house and he wasn’t a great fan of fish. I remember him making pate with mackerel but that was about it.

Therefore I have made it my fish mission to make more meals with fish. I thought about making fish balls. When I went to the freezer I had a packet of mackerel fillets and a packet of cod. To me this was a good start and I continued my experiment from there on. I’m so pleased I did, as these balls were yummy and I think you will enjoy them too.

Spicy Korma Fish Pie

At the weekend I tend to spend a lot of time in the kitchen executing the ideas I’ve had during the week. The recipe below was originally a Chicken Korma but I then started to wonder what that would taste like as a fish pie. Korma contains lots of spices that are great to eat. Especially as the weather has just started to turn colder.

At this time of year, I want to fill my family up with plenty of herbs and spices. So I’m always trying to find new ways to use herbs and spices. They are a natural anti inflammatory for colds. In my cupboard I have a wide selection and I love experimenting with them. By using herbs and spices I turned an ordinary fish pie into an extra ordinary meal. My son loves fish and my husband loves my korma recipe too. So this recipe was a perfect meal for us all.

Baked Cod and Butter Bean Stew

Ted is seven and a fussy eater but when a fish meal is served you can guarantee he will eat it. I also love cooking a fish dinner. They are normally quick and easy to do. Although, I find when I cook a fish supper I normally have to stand by the hob. There are times in my life, not very often but occasionally when all I want is the fairies to cook the dinner.

When I thought about this meal initially I wasn’t going to use the slow cooker. However, I think it wasn’t one of those fairy days. I was a little concerned about how to cook the fish but I had an idea and it worked. So I was very pleased with the results and I decided to share them with you.

Lemon Buttered/Ghee Herb Fish

For a long time, we were eating the same fish dishes which became a bit tedious. I felt a change was needed and I started looking for different fish dinner ideas. Nowadays, I’m always searching or thinking of new ways to cook fish. The other week we had a lemon, buttered/ghee chicken dish which everyone enjoyed. I decided to try it with a plain piece of fish. We ate this with basa fillets but it could be eaten with cod too. As it has lemon and dried mixed herbs I would suggest a plain tasting fish would be best with this dinner. My son ate the lot so it was certainly enjoyed in our house.

Milk Fish Stew

These 5 cod dinners are easy and they don’t take a long time to cook. It always amazes me how little time it takes to cook a cod dinner. Cod always cooks quickly but can taste amazing too. As I mentioned earlier I have two fish meals on the weekly menu. We normally eat fish on a Friday and a Monday. If I designate days for the meals I find it easier to write a menu. Also everyone in the family knows which days we will be eating these meals on. However you decide to eat these meals, as always, please enjoy. Thank you xxx