One Pot Baked Spicy Sumac Beef Stew

One Pot Baked Spicy Sumac Beef Stew

Well if today is anything to go by in the UK, winter is definitely on it’s way. I think we are all in for a long, cold winter this year. The temperature has suddenly dropped and I’ve finally pulled out the old winter coat from the wardrobe. Although the weather never makes me feel overjoyed I do enjoy the warming food I love to cook at this time of year.

Soups, stew and curries are my favourite foods for a cold winter. These types of meal can be loaded with nutritious ingredients that can help to warm the body from the inside out. Winter is definitely a time when warm meals are a better choice for our bodies. So get that big pot from the cupboard and let’s start cooking.

What are your favourite meals during winter? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me.

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  • Small mixing bowl.
  • Spoon
  • Teaspoon
  • Tablespoon
  • Chopping board
  • Sharp knife
  • Large saucepan and lid
  • Plate
  • Wooden spoon or stirring spoon
  • Serving spoon

Ingredients for the stew

  • Beef stewing steak x 500g
  • Onion x 1
  • Courgette x 1
  • Red pepper x 1
  • Potatoes x 800g – 1 kg
  • Coriander x 1 large handful
  • Kale/spinach/green beans x 2 large handfuls
  • Lime x 1
  • Rice flour or plain flour x 2 tbsps
  • Tomato puree x 2 tbsps
  • Tamari x 2 tbsps
  • Tinned tomatoes x 1 tin
  • Chicken stock or bone broth x 600mls

Marinade for the beef

  • Sumac x 2 tsps
  • Smoked paprika x 1 tsp
  • Garlic granules x 1 tsp
  • Ground sweet cinnamon/ground cinnamon x 1 tsp
  • Pepper x 1/2 – 1 tsp
  • Salt x 1 tsp
  • Oregano x 1 tsp
  • Avocado oil x 3 – 4 tbsps
  • Coconut cream x 3 – 4 tbsps

Method for the marinade

  • Add the sumac, smoked paprika, garlic granules, ground ginger, ground sweet cinnamon/cinnamon, pepper, salt and oregano into bowl.
  • Mix these ingredients together with the spoon.
  • Add in the oil and the coconut cream and stir until everything is well mixed together.
  • Set this marinade aside.

Method for the stew

  • Cut the beef into 1 inch pieces if not already cut.
  • Put the beef cubes into a bowl and pour the marinade on top.
  • Mix all these ingredients together and set aside for 2 – 4 hours or preferably overnight.
  • Preheat the fan oven to 160°C or gas mark 3.
  • Peel, slice and chop the onion into small pieces.
  • Cut the top from the pepper and remove the core and green stalk from the pepper.
  • Slice and cut the pepper into cubes.
  • Peel the courgette and slice it thinly.
  • Now peel the potatoes and cut into 2 centimetre pieces.
  • Put the large saucepan on a high heat and add oil to the base of the pan.
  • Once the base is covered in the oil and the pan has started to heat up, add the marinaded beef.
  • Begin to fry the beef.
  • Fry the beef for a couple of minutes and then add a couple of tablespoons of flour.
  • When the meat begins to brown, remove from the pan and put onto the plate.
  • Next add in the onions to the base of the pan.
  • Fry until they start to soften and become translucent and clear.
  • Add in the peppers and courgettes and fry until these start to soften.
  • Pour in the tomatoes and stock and add in the tomato puree and tamari too.
  • Place the beef back into the pan along with the potatoes.
  • Bring all these ingredients to the boil and and then leave to simmer for about ten minutes.
  • After ten minutes, turn the heat off on the stove and put the lid on the pan.
  • Carefully remove the pan from the heat and put it into the oven.
  • Leave in the oven for 40 – 50 minutes.
  • When the stew is cooked, remove from the oven and place the kale in.
  • Let the kale wilt down.
  • Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice into the stew.
  • Then serve and enjoy.
One Pot Baked Spicy Sumac Beef Stew

One Pot Baked Spicy Sumac Beef Stew is a delicious dinner that my little family really enjoyed. It kept us warm on a very cold day and it was a great meal for our Sunday lunch. My husband ate the lot and he mopped up the gravy with a slice of sourdough bread too. There were leftovers that I put in the freezer and we will have as a quick meal soon. However you decide to eat this dinner, as always, please enjoy. Thank you. xxx