Homemade Beef Burgers!

burgerswaitingAt the beginning of the year my husband and I made a conscious decision to stop eating as much meat. Since giving up sugar, I have began looking at all the food we eat. I now believe that as a family we ate a lot more meat than we actually needed to. Please don’t think we have stopped having protein with our meals. We still need it but we can get it from other places like beans, lentils and legumes. I normally make vegetarian/vegan meals or meals with chicken, beef, lamb or vegetable stock during the week.

Nowadays we are only eating meat about twice a week, plus any stock we may have mid week. When we do have meat we are having better quality meat. We are now buying from a local organic farm shop called Frenchie’s Farm Shop which we are lucky to have quite near to us. Frenchie’s keeps its own grass fed cows in a local country park called Weald. To find out more about how they treat and feed the cows please go to their website, Frenchie’s Farm Shop.

The reason we buy from here is because they are a local organic butchers and the taste of the beef is so good. It makes such a great burger which is juicy and tender. Nothing like the beef you can buy from the supermarket.

Beef is one of the most popular types of meat. Grass fed beef is expectionally high in quality protein, vitamins and minerals. For this reason it may help to improve muscle growth and maintenance as well as exercise performance. As a rich source of iron it may cut the risk of anaemia. Unprocessed meat and mildly cooked beef is probably healthy in moderation especially in the context of a healthy lifestyle.

Serves 4

Equipment needed

  • Chopping board
  • Sharp Knife
  • Large Mixing bowl
  • Grater
  • Baking tray


  • Minced beef x 500g (preferably grass fed)
  • Onion x 1 large
  • Courgette
  • Tommy K or tomato puree x 2tbsp (please see alexisrealfoodwagon for more details)
  • Tamari Sauce x 2tbsp (or a good quality soya source)
  • Dried oregano x 1tsp
  • Salt and pepper to taste.


  • Preheat the oven to 180º and add the tray at the same time.
  • Start by chopping the onion and grating the courgette. I like to use a fine grater for this task as it makes the burger very moist.
  • Add the chopped onion and grated courgette to the bowl along with the mince beef.
  • Next add the tommy k or tomato puree, tamari sauce, dried oregano and freshly ground salt and pepper. I like to use about half a teaspoon of a good quality salt like himalayan. IMG_20160612_171058
  • Using your hands scrunch all the ingredeints together.
  • Once they are well mixed, make the mixture into four burgers.
  • Remove the preheated tray from the oven and put the burgers in.
  • Let them cook for 25 – 30 minutes and remove once browned on the outside.


These burgers are delicious and go down really well in our house. We normally serve them with sweet potato chips and salad. My next blog will be about how to make your chips crunchy, yes crunchy homemade sweet potato chips. Yummy. Until then if you decide to make this dish, enjoy.