5 Alternative Christmas Desserts

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Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse

My family and I love a Christmas pudding but nowadays I have to eat mine gluten free. I don’t mind and we have found a variety of great gluten free puddings from different supermarkets. For many people though, the thought of eating Christmas pudding is not a good one. So this Christmas I thought I would write a list of 5 alternative desserts.

Firstly we have a delicious Sherry Trifle. It is an English dish. It’s made with fruit, a layer of sponge fingers or almond biscotti in my version. The biscuits or sponge fingers are soaked in sherry and then covered in fruit and fruit flavoured jelly. Then this is put into the fridge until the jelly is set. Finally, custard and cream are added to the top. Trifle is a rich dessert that’s perfect for a Christmas Day treat. The recipe is also in my cook book Gifts from Grandpa.

The next dessert I think would make a brilliant alternative is my Blackberry and Chocolate Cheesecake. We are lucky to have a blackberry bush growing over the fence. So when I see they are ripe I like to steal a few. I then keep them in the freezer so if I have any left by Christmas I would be making this recipe for Christmas. If I don’t have any blackberries left I would buy them from the frozen section in my local supermarket. It’s a quick dessert to make and could be made in advance of your meal.

Do you have an alternative to Christmas Pudding and if so, what is it? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me. Thank you.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Third on my list of dessert alternatives is a Sticky Toffee Pudding. As I mentioned earlier I’m gluten intolerant so this recipe is gluten free. It’s also dairy free too. When my little family goes out for lunch my husband and son, if it’s on the menu, will often have a Sticky Toffee Pudding. I have to admit I am slightly envious so I decided to make my own version. The dessert is very stodgy like a Christmas pudding and it so much tastier served hot with custard.

After a big Christmas dinner I often just crave a small dessert. I love chocolate so a Raspberry and Chocolate Mousse is a great treat to put on your Christmas menu. It’s light and refreshing. If you are making homemade mayonnaise this Christmas and you need to use the egg whites, mousse it a great way to go. It can be made in advance of a meal and kept in the fridge until ready to eat.

Dad’s Apple Pie

The final dessert I think everyone would love is my Dad’s Apple Pie. As apples are in season at this time of year, it’s a perfect time for cooking a pie. Apple pie is a sweet dessert that is cooked inside and/or under pastry. My Dad wasn’t really a dessert cook but he did make a scrummy apple pie. He was very good at making pastry and he cooked the apples to perfection. When I was a child we would normally have an apple pie at some point during the Christmas period and it was always gratefully received for me.

We will still be eating Christmas pudding on the big day but I thought if you’re not a fan then these are ideas on what you could have for dessert. All these desserts are easy to make and most of them are freezable. So they could be made in advance. However you decide to eat the tasty treats, as always, please enjoy.