5 Chickpea Flour Recipes for YOU!

Chickpea Yorkies

During lockdown the world suddenly went mad for chickpea or besan flour. When stocks of plain, self raising or wholemeal flour, etc, were depleted people began buying besan flour instead. Chickpea flour is very versatile but it does have a very distinctive flavour. It has a mild but nutty taste when cooked.

For me, it makes a great bread alternative. Normally I make wraps or pancakes with the flour which I eat with soup. I have other recipes but these one are the most common ones. Chickpea flour actually has less calories than regular flour. Scientists have been studying portion size and energy density for their role in weight management. It is now believed that it is better to maintain the portion size you are used to while choosing foods with fewer calories. According to the science it’s a more effective way to lose weight.

It’s also more filling than wheat as well. Researchers now believe that legumes, including chickpeas and lentils can decrease hunger. Plus chickpea flour has a positive effect on blood sugar levels too.

The Glycemic Index (GI) is a measure of how rapidly a food breaks down into sugars that can cause a spike in your blood sugar levels. Chickpea flour has a gradual effect on blood sugar levels. While white flour has a faster effect of blood sugar. So with all of this in mind I have found 5 recipes that use chickpea flour. They are so tasty and easy to do.

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Chickpea Flour Wraps

Honey and Ghee Biscuit/Cookies

On Saturday when my husband Howard and son Ted are eating their toasted cheese sandwiches or whatever it is they fancy you will find me making a delicious soup for my lunch. Once upon a time I would have served my soup with a crusty bread roll.

Since discovering my gluten allergy about five years ago I started to find alternatives to eating bread with my soups. Nowadays I enjoy making wraps to eat with my soup. When I first started making Chickpea Flour Wraps this is what I started with. 

Honey and Ghee Biscuits/Cookies

Biscuits or cookies are one of my favourite snacks. I always like to have a jar of homemade biccies to hand. Recently, I have been making the same biscuits which I love but occasionally I feel it’s time to experiment. I really enjoy exploring my kitchen cupboards and looking for ingredients I have never tried together before.

On this occasion, the ghee and honey just jumped at me when I opened the pantry. Therefore I decided to try these ingredients in a biscuit. Now I can’t get enough of this flavour combination. I have made these biscuits twice and each time I make them they seem to disappear within days. My husband Howard and son Ted have also been eating these biscuits/cookies. It’s definitely one I will be making again.

Chickpea Yorkies

My Yorkies are made with chickpea flour and baking powder instead of self raising flour. For the recipe I have used my Dad’s trick of the same quantity of all the ingredients. It seems to work a treat and in the normal recipe the puddings really do rise. It works the same with the chickpea and baking powder ones too. They are different to traditional Yorkshires but they still soak up the gravy all the same.

Vegan Red Pepper and Sweet Potato Chickpea Muffins

Breakfast is my favourite meal of the day. I love waking up and eating my first delicious meal of the day. Since I discovered I have a gluten intolerance breakfast is a bit more challenging but more interesting too.

Pancakes, porridge and eggs are my usual go-to breakfasts. In recent months I’ve been looking at making myself a savoury breakfast without the egg. These muffins are now one of new favourite breakfasts. They are still slightly sweet but have a delicious savoury taste too. The muffins are also really good sliced in half and served with slices of avocado. Yummy in my tummy.

Sweet Potato, Coriander and Chickpea Pancakes

My lovely cousin Virginia came to visit for the weekend with her boyfriend Florian. We decided to take a trip to the seaside. So, as always, I wanted to take a yummy lunch with us. Virginia is like me. She has a gluten intolerance but she also has a dairy, cornflour and oat intolerance. So I made food we could both eat.

In recent months, I have been making a variety of meals with my sweet potato pancakes. Basically I substitute the pancakes for bread. So we have had turkey dippers with sweet potato pancakes and lots more meals like this one. I wanted to try a cheese and coleslaw sandwich. So I replaced the oats with chickpea flour and I made cashew nut cheese cheese. Then I made my homemade coleslaw and that was the sandwich done.

Chickpea Flour Wraps

Chickpea flour is a great flour to have to hand in the kitchen. As I mentioned earlier, I use it as a bread alternative. Although as you can see from the above dishes it can be made into many delicious dinners, breakfasts, lunches and snacks. However you decide to eat the recipes, as always, please enjoy. Thank you xxx