5 Turkey Leftover Dinners

Cheesy No Cheese Turkey Pasta Bake

Every year many families are left with a lot of turkey from the Christmas dinner. We have all ordered a piece of meat that is far too big and then wondered what to do with the leftover meat. This year is no different. In fact I should imagine lots of families will have loads of leftovers. Due to the pandemic and not being allowed too many people to Christmas dinner.

Last year I made a few recipes with our leftover turkey that my little family thoroughly enjoyed. Turkey is actually a very versatile meat and it can be used in many different dishes. We normally eat turkey throughout the year as well as Christmas time. There are lots more turkey recipes on my blog but for now here are five that will hopefully help you to clear up that leftover meat.

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1) Spicy Turkey and Chorizo Rice

Under normal circumstances Christmas is a very busy time for many people. During this period I think people need fast dinners. They possibly don’t need them this year. However I do think families will need to use any leftover meat they may have in the fridge or freezer. The best part of a quick dinner is not using too many pots and pans. This Christmas dinner makes it feel like the fairies have been to the house and cooked it.

2) Cheesy No Cheese Turkey Pasta Bake

Many families only eat turkey at Christmas and then they all seem to be left with lots of leftover meat. To me, turkey seems to be ignored for the rest of year but at Christmas we tend to feast on it. It does make me chuckle. Although, on a serious note I’m not a fan of waste. I’m sure this year there will be a lot of leftover turkey too. This recipe is also delicious with chicken too.

3) Spicy Turkey Pie With Sweet Potato Mash

In my early twenties I worked in a local supermarket. I worked with a girl who every Christmas looked forward to Boxing Day. The day after Christmas day her mum would always make a curry with the leftover turkey. With this thought in mind I decided to try a spicy turkey pie. In this version I used a sweet potato mash as a topping and it was delicious. Trust me, this is a tasty way to use up those leftovers!

4) Turkey, Pickle and Sweet Potato Pancake Sandwich

Last year I decided to make a sweet potato pancake sandwich with leftover turkey from lunch and my homemade pickle. From what I can remember of bread, I actually preferred this to a normal sandwich. The pancakes were sweet and soft. They also complimented the turkey and pickle very well. It’s a tasty sandwich alternative at Christmas.

5) Dad’s Turkey Pie

On Christmas day my Dad would cook a turkey and on Boxing day he would cook a gammon. With the leftovers from both these meals Dad would make a delicious pie. As a kid, apart from the presents, Dad’s Turkey Pie was my favourite part of the Christmas period. Dad may not have enjoyed cooking or eating the turkey, but he knew how to make a yummy pie from the leftovers.

5 Turkey Leftover Dinners are delicious ways to eat up those leftovers. My family really enjoyed these dinners last year and if I remember correctly these meals were very gratefully received too. Apart from the rice dinner as long as you haven’t already frozen the turkey these dishes are freezable. So if you are a bit fed up with turkey then you could make these meals and store them in the freezer until you can eat turkey again. However you decide to eat these meals as always please enjoy.