5 Sweet Potato Recipes for YOU

5 Sweet Potato Recipes for YOU

My favourite chips are sweet potato chips and they used to be a certain young man’s too. Ted, our son who is 7 now, used to love sweet potato. At one point in his life Ted actually preferred sweet to white potatoes. We used to take him to a certain burger restaurant and order him a portion of sweet potato chips. Ted would eat the lot.

Nowadays it’s normally just me who eats the sweet potato chips. My husband Howard likes sweet potato but if I’m making Ted ‘normal’ potato chips he would much prefer a few of these on his plate. There are a lot of dishes you can make with sweet potato. Chips are delicious but sweet potato is a very versatile vegetable. Here are five of our favourite sweet potato recipes for you.

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Sweet Potato and Marmite Pancakes

My husband is a huge Marmite fan but over the past few years we have been trying to find healthier versions of our favourite foods. Over a year ago now my husband and I were shopping in our local health food store and we stumbled upon a yeast extract. The yeast extract was just as it said on the tin a ‘yeast extract’. There was no added nasties or salt and so we decided to give it a try.

We were not disappointed by this product and we really enjoyed eating it. Even my 6 year old son is a yeast extract fan. Recently I decided to try this product in a few savoury meals. These pancakes were an idea I had when I was making my Sweet Potato Pancakes. I wondered what they would taste like with yeast extract. So I have given it a try and we were not displeased by this dish.

Slow Cooked Ham, Leek and Sweet Potato Soup

Soup is one food I don’t think I could live without during winter. I always look forward to a large bowl of steaming soup. It’s my favourite. My son Ted, on the other hand, is not the greatest lover of this delicious food. However, I’m not a person who gives up so I have made it my mission to find soups or a soup he enjoys.

As we had leftover ham in the freezer I decided to add this to the soup. I know Ted loves ham/gammon and I thought he may enjoy eating it in a soup. My gamble paid off and Ted nearly ate the whole bowl. At one point in the meal he said it was yummy too. Oh the joys of fussy eaters. Although if Ted enjoyed this dinner I have absolutely no doubt your fussy eaters will too. Well worth a try.

Sweeet Pesto and Chips

For our summer holiday in 2019 we went to Tenby in Wales. It was a beautiful part of the world and we really enjoyed the place we stayed in. While we were there we ate in a couple of burger restaurants. I don’t tend to eat in restaurants a lot as my stomach, in the past, hasn’t reacted to kindly the morning after. However I seem to be overcoming this problem nowadays. So I was happy to eat in a couple of restaurants this holiday.

When ordering our meals I noticed that in both the burger restaurants we ate in they had ‘pesto chips’ on the menu. It’s an idea I’d not thought of before so I decided to give it a try. I’m pleased to report that I was not disappointed by this combination.

At home, I make my own chips and pesto so I felt this would be a fairly simple dish to cook. I decided to use sweet potato as I find this much more filling than ‘normal’ potatoes. Then I decided to make a vegan version on my red pepper and tomato pesto. The sweetness from the pesto gave the chips extra syrupy flavour. Plus I made this meal in about 40 minutes.

Sweet Potato and Butternut Squash Salad with a Tamari/Soy Sauce Dressing

Summer finally feels like it’s on the way, touch wood, in the UK and I felt it was time to start making more summery meals. Although if it does turn cold again this is a warm salad which is delicious hot or cold. For those of you that don’t live in the UK our weather can be very changeable. We have been known to have four seasons in one day.

So being British, I like to be prepared for all weathers, and making a warm salad means I can eat it when the weather outside might be miserable in summer. Sweet potato and butternut squash often remind me of the summer months. Their bright, vibrant colours, I think are very summery.

The salad is vegan but I do love adding a cheese flavour. So I added pine nuts for that extra creamy flavour of cheese. Plus what salad would be complete without greens and a dressing. It’s a warm salad so I fried the spinach in a pan. I also wanted to add extra flavour so to spice the meal up I added a tamari/soy sauce dressing. The combination of these flavours was simply delicious and the salad can be enjoyed hot or cold.

Gluten Free Sweet Potato and Salmon Fish Cakes

My son Ted really enjoys fish so it’s one dinner I know he will eat. I have been making fish cakes for a while in various forms but I love these ones. Before giving up sugar and processed food I would always buy breaded fish cakes from our local supermarket. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with buying them from a shop but I can no longer eat the bread. Plus I’m not a fan of gluten free bread either. So I feel I have invented a healthy alternative.

Sweet Potato and Pesto Chips

These 5 sweet potato recipes are my favourite ones. There are lots more on my blog but these dishes show how versatile a sweet potato or two can be. A few of these recipes are freezable too. Therefore you could batch cook the meals that are freezable and eat them on another occasion. The recipes are also kid friendly too. If your kids like sweet potato then these are brilliant meals for children. However you decide to eat these dinners or whoever you decide to eat them with, as always, please enjoy. Thank you xxx