Googie’s Kitchen presents Slow Cooker Seafood Masala Curry

Slow Cooker Seafood Masala Curry

Occasionally on a Saturday night my husband Howard and I would order a takeaway. We both love pizza and we would sometimes order one. As I have mentioned in previous blog posts I love a curry and this was always my preferred choice. My husband also enjoys curry but he prefers a Chinese. My preference would normally be the takeaway that we would order.

Nowadays I have a slow cooker and it makes me feel like we have ordered a takeaway. A slow cooker is a great way to have a meal on the table without having to stand over a stove for hours. Plus, depending on what you put in the slow cooker, they are cheap to cook in. They use less electricity than an oven and you can cook cheap meat in them as well. As I’m in charge of what goes in the slow cooker I choose a curry most of the time. The recipe below was so yummy and it’s one I had to share with you.

Do you love an Indian takeaway and if so, what’s your favourite meal on the menu. Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me.

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Serves 4


  • Sharp knife
  • Chopping board
  • Mixing bowl
  • Teaspoon
  • Tablespoon
  • Slow cooker


  • Salmon x 360g
  • Uncooked prawns x 340g
  • Leek x 1
  • Garlic x 3 cloves
  • Courgette x 1
  • Butternut squash x 200g
  • Carrot x 1
  • Chicken stock or bone broth x 250ml
  • Coconut cream x 100mls
  • Masala spice mix x 2 tsp
  • Dried oregano x 1 – 2 tsp
  • Rice flour x 2 tbsp
  • Green beans x 2 large handfuls
  • Salt and pepper to your taste


  • Peel and slice the onion and garlic.
  • Peel the courgette, butternut squash and carrot.
  • Next cut these vegetables into 1/2 centimetre pieces.
  • Place all of these vegetables into the slow cooker pot.
  • Also put the green beans in at this time too.
  • Pour the coconut cream, chicken stock or bone broth.
  • Sprinkle over the masala spice mix, dried oregano and rice flour.
  • Add in salt and pepper to your tastes.
  • Stir everything until it’s all well mixed together.
  • Put the slow cooker on high for 4 hours or on low for 8 hours.
  • Thirty minutes before the end of the cooking time remove the skin from the salmon.
  • Put the salmon fillet flesh side down.
  • Place one hand on top of the salmon fillet.
  • Then slide the fish knife carefully between the flesh and the skin.
  • Slide the knife all the way along until all the skin has been removed.
  • Cut the salmon into chunks and put them into the slow cooker pot.
  • Add in the prawns and any other seafood you might like then put the lid back on.
  • When the salmon and prawns the curry will be cooked.
  • Cook your rice or quinoa as per the packet instructions at the end of the cooking process.
  • Then serve and enjoy.
Slow Cooker Seafood Masala Curry

Slow Cooker Seafood Masala Curry was a huge hit in our house. My husband Howard, son Ted and I loved this dish. Also I served it to my cousin Virginia and her partner Florian. They enjoyed it as well. It was a very easy dish to prepare and cook. You could make double of this meal and freezer it. Then all you have to do is defrost it when you want to eat the second portion. It made a delicious meal for little family and my friends as well. However you decide to eat this dish, as always, please enjoy. Thank you xxx