3 Vegan Pancake Recipes

3 Vegan Pancake Recipes

Many people will tell you that you can’t make pancakes without cracking eggs! That’s not strictly true. For many years now I have been making delicious pancakes without cracking a single egg. All three of these pancake recipes make yummy breakfasts but one of them could be eaten as part of a lunch or dinner. Plus two of the recipes could be eaten as a tasty snack or even dessert too. We love all of these recipes and we normally enjoy one of them on a Sunday morning for our breakfast.

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Choc Chip Pancakes

Every Sunday morning you will find my little family devouring pancakes for breakfast. On a Saturday I will ask my husband and son what kind of pancakes they would like to try this week. My husband Howard will occasionally ask for my Salted Caramel Pancakes but my son Ted will quite often bin that idea. Ted will nearly always ask for Raspberry Pancakes.

So normally it will be raspberry pancakes for our Sunday morning breakfast. As we had chocolate chips in the house I decided to ask Mr Ted if I could add them to the pancake mix. Ted was more than happy for me to add this ingredient. I was a bit concerned that the chips would melt but thankfully they stayed intact. Plus I was pleased Ted agreed to adding this ingredient as they were yummy. We enjoyed these pancakes and we know you will too.

Basic Porridge Pancakes

Most Sundays my husband Howard and I will make pancakes for breakfast. I make the mix the night before and Howard will cook the pancakes. We’ve been eating these porridge pancakes on Sundays for quite a few years now. I will make a big batch of the mixture. Howard will then cook all the pancakes and I will put any spare pancakes into the freezer. These are ready for my son Ted’s breakfasts during the week.

Ted is not the biggest fan of this scrummy breakfast but it makes my life so much easier. All I do is take one or maybe two pancakes, depending on how many Ted thinks he will eat, from the freezer and let them defrost overnight. In the morning I put the pancakes under the grill and heat them up. Finally I add maple syrup and cut into pieces for my son to eat.

We try to add different fruit to our pancakes to add variety. At the moment, Ted seems to love strawberry pancakes with lots of strawberries in them. I use frozen fruit as I find this easier to keep especially at this time of year. In the past we have eaten raspberry, mango and even salted caramel pancakes. I love to experiment with this basic mixture as it’s so easy to do. Well worth a try.

Sweet Potato and Marmite Pancakes

My husband is a huge Marmite fan but over the past few year we have been trying to find healthier versions of our favourite foods. Over a year ago now my husband and I were shopping in our local health food store and we stumble upon a yeast extract. The yeast extract was just as it said on the tin a ‘yeast extract’. There was no added nasties and so we decided to give it a try.

We were not disappointed by this product and we really enjoyed eating it. Even my 6 year old son is a yeast extract fan. Recently I decided to try this product in a few savoury meals. These pancakes were an idea I had when I was making my Sweet Potato Pancakes. I wondered what they would taste like with yeast extract. So I have given it a try and we were not displeased by this dish.

Basic Porridge Pancakes

3 Vegan Pancake Recipes are all scrummy and we love eating them mainly for breakfast. The best part about these pancakes is they are freezable. We like to make a big batch on a Sunday morning then freeze the ones we don’t eat for breakfasts during the week. My son Ted has these for his breakfasts and he loves them. We hope you do too. However you decide to eat this dish, as always, please enjoy. Thank you. xxx