3 Vegan Spag Bowls

3 Vegan Spag Bowls

When I discovered my gluten intolerance I thought it was the end of pasta dinners. Thankfully our local supermarkets started selling delicious gluten free alternatives. Then I started to experiment with different ingredients and I found a few vegan options. These are easy to prepare and cook. Plus they are packed with healthy ingredients that will help to keep you well in the cold winter months. We love all these meals and we hope you enjoy them too.

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Oven Baked Herby Bean Spag Bowl

In recent months I have been trying classic recipes we all love in our house with different ingredients. Chickpeas used to be a huge favourite of my son when he was younger. If I told him that these were on the menu he would normally jump for joy. Nowadays he’s not so keen but I still like to use chickpeas as a meat substitute.

That’s where I began with this recipe. When I started to think about the meals we enjoy on a regular basis I realise I hadn’t made a ‘spag bowl’ with chickpeas. I’ve made a lot of meal with chickpeas but never thought to put them into a bolognese sauce. With this in mind I started to search through the fridge to find the other ingredients I would need to cook this yummy dinner. Then I cooked and the meal was delicious. It was so good even my son enjoyed this one.

Black and White Bean Spag Bowl

In recent years, for many different reasons, we have started to eat less meat. During the week instead of meat I have been using beans in our dinners. My husband Howard is not a fan of beans and he always tells me he prefers the small beans.

So with that in mind, for this recipe I decided to use haricot and black beans. These are smaller beans that are full of flavour. They are packed with protein and fibre. Plus beans can help to lower blood sugar levels and also help to keep the heart healthy.

So beans are definitely a healthy alternative to meat and one of the reasons they are used in lots of my recipes. I hate to tell my husband but the menu is not going to change anytime soon.

Baked Lentil Spag Bowl

We love a spaghetti bolognaise is a huge favourite in our house. To be honest, I’m more than sure that my husband Howard and son Ted are bigger fans of a meat bolognaise sauce than a lentil one. For me I just love food so any kind of sauce with pasta will taste good to me. During the week we like to eat less meat meals. Therefore I’m always thinking of new ideas to keep dinner interesting.

Before I made this dish I made a baked beef and parma ham bolognese. It was so delicious I wondered what lentils would take like cooked in a sauce that’s cooked in the oven. I have never cooked lentils in the oven and I did start to wonder what would happen if it all went Pete Tong, wrong! Thankfully I didn’t need to worry as this dish was so yummy.

3 Vegan Spag Bowls

3 Vegan Spag Bowls are simply delicious and we really enjoyed each meal. The bonus is you can make double of these spag bowls and store them in the freezer until you want to eat them. All the ingredients in these dishes are freezable. Plus they make great mid week meals or even better weekend dinners. However you decide to eat these dishes, as always, please enjoy. xxx