5 Easy Roast Chicken Dinners

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Dad’s Roast Chicken Dinner with Beer Gravy

Sunday lunch is one of our favourite meals. It’s a time when we all sit together at the table and enjoy a delicious dish. We love a roast chicken and my husband Howard, I have to say, is a bit of an expert at cooking a roast nowadays. Shh, don’t tell him! Also, having a large lunch means that there is no washing up late in the evening. If we are at home we do try to cook our main meal at lunchtime. I’m always trying to think of new ways to cook roast dinner and here’s 5 I have thought of so far.

Dad’s Roast Chicken Dinner with Beer Gravy

My Dad was an amazing cook and he knew how to cook a roast dinner. As I have mentioned before, I think, he was the king of the roast lunch. Since he passed away a couple of years ago I have written a cook book in his memory. I wanted to write down his recipes and there is a whole section dedicated to roasts. In the book, Gifts from Grandpa, I have included this dish. It’s one of my favourites and now one of my families favourites too.

Jamie’s Dairy Free Slow Cooked Chicken in Milk

Yes the original recipe did come from a Jamie Oliver cook book. That’s why I named it Jamie’s. It’s cheeky, I know, but the dish was so delicious I had to share it with you. I have adapted the dish to contain a non dairy milk and I cooked my version in the slow cooker. It’s for all those people who can’t tolerate dairy. It’s also for people who love their slow cooker.

Buttery Lemon Slow Cooked Chicken

Lemon and chicken is a yummy combination. Now add butter and you have a dish that is out of this world. I normally use olive oil to cook the roast chicken but I fancied a change. So I decided to try butter instead and we were not disappointed. As well as a citrus undertone the chicken also tasted nutty and sweet from the butter. The slow cooker helped to bring out these flavours and it made a great roast lunch.

Honey, Butter/Ghee Roast Chicken

Sweet chicken is a dish we all enjoy. I hate to admit it but we all have a sweet tooth in this house. So when I suggested making a honey and ghee roast chicken I got the thumbs up from my family. It does sound like a strange combination but it works so well. The honey draws the sweetness from the chicken and the butter/ghee adds a creaminess that’s simply scrummy.

Sticky Roast Chicken

When Howard and I first moved in together we used to make this dish on a Saturday night. We would make it with drum sticks and eat it with homemade potato wedges. It was one of my husbands favourite dinners. One day I decided to make it into a roast chicken and we loved this just as much. So this recipe is a two for one. It can be made into a roast chicken. The sauce can also be smothered on chicken drumsticks too. Yummy either way in our opinion.

Roast chicken dinners are brilliant for a Sunday lunch. We normally eat ours with roast potatoes, parsnips and carrots and my favourite Chickpea Yorkies. I buy a large chicken from our local butchers and then I freeze any leftovers. The leftovers I then use in a lot of different recipes. However you decide to eat these roast chickens, as always, enjoy.

Do you love roast chicken and if so, how do you eat yours? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me. Thank you. xxx