5 Quinoa Recipes for YOU!

Quinoa Peshwari Bread

Since discovering I have a gluten intolerance I live on quinoa. When my husband Howard and son have sandwiches at lunchtime I normally have soup or a big bowl of quinoa and lentils. Quinoa is actually one of the healthiest foods in the world and in the past few years has become one of the most popular too.

It’s a super food that is a grain crop but it’s technically not a cereal grain. Quinoa is a cereal in disguise. It’s basically a seed which is similar to a grain. Although, it’s prepared and eaten like a grain. Quinoa is also a very healthy grain. It’s packed with protein and fibre and it’s one of few plant foods that contain all nine essential amino acids. Plus it’s high in magnesium, B vitamins, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin E and various beneficial antioxidants.

Quinoa is not only great as a side to a main dish but it can be made into sweet treats, cakes, breads and it can even be eaten for breakfast too. It’s so beneficial to the body and it may also help you to lose weight. As it has such a high nutrient content it makes sense it could help with weight lose. It’s very easy to incorporate into your diet as well. Below are 5 recipe you will want to try.

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Quinoa Chocolate Brownie

Spicy Salmon Pasta or Quinoa Risotto

Salmon is a tasty fish and we always eat a lot of it in our family. It’s packed full of flavour and goodness. There are so many health benefits to eating fish. Firstly, it’s a great source of protein, it’s high in vitamin B and rich in omega 3 fatty acids. As a mum of a boy who loves fish, this makes me happy to know my child is getting all of these health benefits in one meal.

Herbs and spices can also make a meal that bit tastier. Plus they have many health benefits too. Herbs and spices can lower blood sugar levels, improve brain function and they can fight infection and boost immunity. So putting herbs and spices in your fish dishes not only makes a delicious dish but can be a very powerful meal for the whole family.

Quinoa Peshwari Bread

When my husband Howard and I first got together we would often stay in and watch the TV on a Saturday night. Occasionally, we would order a takeaway and if I had my way we would always have an Indian. We had our usual takeaway meals we would normally always order.

Every now and then I would order a main that sounded a bit different but Howard had his usual dishes that he really enjoyed. He would always order a Chicken Dhansak or Karahi and a Peshwari naan. Since I gave up sugar and processed foods we no longer order Indian food in. Instead I try to invent my own recipes from the takeaway menu.

My poor husband only really gets to eat Peshwari Naan if he goes out with friends for an Indian. Howard has been asking me to make a gluten free, dairy free and sugar free Peshwari naan for ages. Finally, I have found a brilliant compromise, Quinoa Peshwari Bread. Howard loved it and I’m sure you will too.

Vegan Tagine

When we go vegan two or three times a week I have noticed that we tend to increase our vegetable intake. Although not all of us are impressed with eating lots of vegetables I always feel healthier for it. I loved my dad dearly but in the last ten years of his life I watched him in an awful lot of pain. He didn’t like to much veg either. Dad did love his ‘filthy’ food.

Therefore, I think, subconsciously I have made a decision not to go down the same road. Hence, why we have started eating more vegan and vegetarian meals. Plus this is now a trend and, although I hate to go with the majority, on this occasion I think the masses are right. Eating more vegetables and less meat is so much better for our bodies. So bring on the veggies that’s what I say and let’s eat this delicious vegan tagine! 

Quinoa Chocolate Brownie

Brownies are one of my favourite desserts or sweet treats. Personally for me a chocolate brownie is the best dessert after a meal. Especially when it’s served with ice cream or cream. Plus I love making them and I have several brownie recipes on my blog.

As I now have a problem with gluten I always use different allergy free flours to make my brownies. When I was making my last quinoa bread I thought about how I could make this into a sweet bread/brownie. Since I started making these breads I have discovered that quinoa is a very versatile ingredient.

We eat quinoa a lot with curries and stews. I’ve always known I could make cakes with it but I was never sure how. Then I start to experiment and I found it’s a great alternative to plain flour. So pleased I decided to experiment with a brownie recipe first. These brownies are light and airy with a deliciously sweet chocolate taste to them. It’s definitely one I will be making again.

Quinoa Fruit Breakfast Bread

In our house for breakfast we normally go between eggs, porridge and pancakes. I’m always on the hunt for new breakfasts ideas. In the past I have made a baked porridge but my son Ted was not a fan. He looked at me as if I was barking mad when I served what looked like a piece of cake for breakfast.

Ted even said at the time, ‘what cake for breakfast.’ Since then we don’t tend to have this for breakfast anymore. However when I was making my Herb and Seed Quinoa Bread I suddenly wondered what the bread would be like if I added fruit and make it sweet. Don’t worry Ted didn’t eat this for breakfast, it was all for mummy and daddy.

For this bread I replaced the eggs with bananas and added a little bit more sugar. It was so easy to make and I made it the day before we ate it. Then in the morning all I did was grill it and add honey. My husband, Howard who is not a fan of quinoa really enjoyed it. He was unsure about the pumpkin seeds at first but he did say they added texture. If you have a person who is not keen on quinoa in your family this could be one way to feed it to them.

Spicy Salmon Pasta or Risotto

These 5 quinoa recipes are all very easy and quinoa is an ingredient that can be frozen. So any meals you make from this super food can be made into batches and frozen. It makes life so much easier in the long run when you can batch cook and freeze it. However you decide to eat this dish, as always, please enjoy! Thank you xxx