5 Small Alternative Christmas Dinners

Dad’s Yummy Boiled Gammon

Large turkeys around the world will probably be rejoicing this Christmas! Due to the pandemic many people, in the UK at least, may not be celebrating with a large group of people this year. I can imagine that larger turkeys will not be on the top of people’s priority list this year. The smaller ones might be but that’s if you can get one.

Families in the UK will be staying at home this year and this may result in a bigger number of turkeys being ordered. Many families like to get away over the Christmas break but experts now believe that due to Coronavirus a lot of people will be staying at home.

Therefore they will be wanting to order a turkey and if the rule of six is still in place by Christmas day they won’t be needing a large turkey. So while the large turkeys celebrate their year off, if you can’t get a turkey here are 5 smaller alternative Christmas dinners for you.

Are you traditionalist and like to eat turkey at Christmas or do you tend to break traditions? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me.

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Dad’s Yummy Boiled Gammon

Boxing Day was the one day of the year I remember eating boiled gammon. My Dad would always make this dinner the day after Christmas. It became a tradition in our home to have turkey on Christmas day and boiled gammon on Boxing Day. He would always use any leftovers in a pie with the leftover turkey. Which we would eat during the Christmas and New Year period. If you can’t get a turkey then this would make a brilliant Christmas day alternative.

Roast Chicken with Dad’s Beer Gravy

It’s one meal you probably have a lot of all year round. However, if you can afford to, why not treat yourselves to an organic roast chicken. You can still have all the trimmings that you would normally have on Christmas Day. My husband actually prefers chicken to turkey so this will be our Christmas day alternative this year.

GF and DF Chicken Kiev

At this time of year you can get turkey breasts so why not have this recipe as a turkey Kiev meal instead. The meal can be made for as many people as required. It means that you don’t have to buy a large turkey and then wonder what you are going to do with the leftovers. It’s definitely another one to consider.

Slow Cooked Roast Beef with Spelt Flour Yorkies and Homemade Gravy

For us British, it’s a tradition to eat a roast dinner on a Sunday. As I mention in the post, it dates back to the day when we would go to church. Then we would come home and eat a large meal. Now I realise that you may have been eating this one all year round. As I mentioned in the post, you could treat yourselves to an organic piece of beef this year. Even better an organic piece of beef and a slow cooker too. (If you haven’t already got one).

Chickpea, Sweet Potato and Cauliflower Spicy Burgers

Finally if it’s just you and another this year why not do something completely different. That’s if the other is ok with it. These burgers are delicious all year round but I bet they are even tastier on Christmas day. You can try to source all organic ingredients as a treat to yourself. Plus there will be less washing up with this dish too. Unless of course you serve it with all the trimmings.

5 Small Alternative Christmas Dinners are an excellent alternative to a huge turkey this year. We normally only have four mouths to feed at Christmas so I’m used to not cooking a great big bird on Christmas day. In fact my husband Howard and son Ted said they would like toad in the hole. I was not impressed with this response, so we compromised with a Chicken instead. So I have a Chicken in the freezer ready for the big day. However you decide to eat these meals, as always, please enjoy. Thank you xxx