5 Pork Dinners for YOU

5 Pork Dinners for YOU

Meat is a treat we eat at the weekend in our house. I like to buy our meat from a local butchers. The butchers are not organic but the cattle are fed on grass and herbs. It’s more expensive to buy meat in this way but that’s why we only have it at weekends. I find it makes it affordable for us.

My husband Howard and son Ted are huge fans of pork. If I’m cooking a pork dinner there is normally a bit of excitement in it. I’m not great on pork so as we don’t eat it that much. I think that’s why my little family are always so interested to know when I’m making it for dinner. Also I don’t mind cooking pork if it’s slightly better quality. I know it will be better for the local economy, environment and our bodies.

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Smokey Spanish Sausage Meatballs in a Tomato Sauce

It’s raining meatballs, hallelujah, it’s raining meatballs, hallelujah!!! You would never have guessed, but we love a meatball or two. When I found a similar recipe to this one on t’internet I was jumping for joy. Yes occasionally even I need the internet to help me meal plan for the week.

My husband Howard and son Ted love pork and they love meatballs. This meal ticks all the boxes for them. I’m not so great on pork but I do eat it occasionally. I actually used gluten free sausage meat for this recipe and it made the meatballs melt in the mouth. They were very soft and tender. We would recommend trying with sausage meat if you can get it. If not, don’t worry, these meatballs will be a meal that is fit for the whole family.

Baked Pork Thai Curry

Curries are one of my favourite meals, especially when the weather starts to turn colder. They are a brilliant winter warmer and this one was perfect for our cold, wet Sunday last week. When the weather starts to turn from Autumn to Winter I like nothing more than heating myself up with a tasty warm meal.

For me, I feel it’s instinctive to want to feel warmer in cooler weather and to feel cooler in warmer weather. Ayurvedic medicine believes in just this theory. In Winter we should eat warming foods to heat up the body to be able to face the cold when we go out. Then in Summer we should eat colder foods to cool the body down from the heat. If you think about it, it makes sense. Therefore a curry is always welcome in the Winter.

Beef and Pork Meatballs

During Lockdown my husband found the recipe for a certain furniture store’s Swedish meatballs online. He then asked me if I could adapt this recipe to make them ‘mummy friendly’ as he likes to call it. Basically for me the meatballs have to be gluten and dairy free.

For this recipe we both put our thinking caps on and we created this delicious dish. It’s definitely one we will be eating again. They were so yummy baked in the oven. In the furniture shop you can buy these from, it is customary to eat these with chips and Lingonberry sauce. We opted for pasta and a tomato sauce. It was scrumptious and we thought you might like the recipe too.

GF Breaded Sage and Onion Pork Chops

A few years ago, ok, ok, may be a bit more than a few. . . . alright, nearly 20, yes 20 years ago, when I was at University. (God, that feels scary!) I would come home on the weekends. My Dad, for those of you that don’t know, was an amazing cook. Whenever I went home there was always a delicious dinner on the table.

Dad made a version of this meal once for me and I loved it. I told him it was one of his best meals. He looked at me slightly confused as he always did and said, ‘ahh mazel tov’. Which was his usual response when he didn’t really know what to say.

So the other day when I was thinking about my Dad, I remembered this delicious dinner. Dad made this with a sage and onion stuffing. As I’m gluten intolerant I can no longer eat bread. So instead I made this with ground flax seed. It was just as delicious as my Dad’s recipe. If you can’t get flax seed you can always use breadcrumbs.

Dad’s Sweet and Sour Pork

During the week my Dad wanted quick and easy meals to cook for his family. He loved to cook but he didn’t want to spend too much time in the kitchen after he had finished work for the day. So this recipe is a great mid week dinner that can be enjoyed by the whole family. My husband and son love this one so I decided to share it with you. Below the picture is the video link and blog.

These 5 pork dinners are always greatly received in our house. As I mentioned earlier, Howard and Ted love most things pork, especially sausages. I enjoy it as well but my digestive system doesn’t enjoy it that much. Hence why we eat it as a treat meal. Most of these dinners I made as a big batch and then I froze them for another occasion. They are a delicious family meal but single people could make these dishes as well and freeze the leftovers. Plus the leftovers make yummy lunches for the next day too. However you decide to eat these meals, as always, please enjoy. xxx