5 Easy Summer Smoothies for YOU!

During the summer, according to Ayurvedic practises, it is better for our bodies to eat cooler foods during the summer months and warmer foods during the winter. In the warmer months the one meal I look forward to is a smoothie in the summer. I will normally have one of the below for my breakfast at least once or maybe even twice a week. Breakfast for me is the most important meal of the day.

Traditionally breakfast means to break the fast. When we go bed at night we are in fact fasting as we don’t normally eat in our sleep. Then we wake up in the morning and when we eat we have broken the fast. Normally I love to eat cooked foods for breakfast like porridge or eggs. Occasionally in the colder months I will warm up my smoothie in a saucepan on the hob. Once summer arrives I’m definitely a cold smoothie kid of girl. These are just a handful of the recipes I have on my blog. They are definitely firm favourites with me.

Do you love a smoothie, if so what’s your favourite flavour combination? Let me know in the comments below please don’t forget to like and follow me.

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Choc Cherry Lavender Smoothie

Now that we are in the middle of summer, nothing beats chocolate and cherries in a smoothie. To make it more interesting I decided to add lavender as well. The smoothie is a taste sensation and lavender has calming effects on the body. If you suffer with anxiety then adding lavender to your morning smoothie could help enormously. Many people don’t think to use lavender in there cooking but for me it’s a taste changer. Plus it’s a great plant to grow in the back garden.

Strawberry Stomach Healer

In the past few years I have been on an interesting journey learning how I can heal my body. During this time I also learned that strawberries are a great stomach healer. As long as you are only feeling sick, not vomiting, they can help to ease the pain. As well as this fruit, coriander and spinach are fantastic for the digestive system. I decided to add to an original recipe I was given. The results were amazing and my stomach was helped too. It’s definitely one I will be having again.

Pineapple, Mint and Chocolate Smoothie

As I have already mentioned the stomach will be colder during winter so therefore will need heating up with hot food. In summer, as the weather is warmer, the body and the stomach are warmer so will need cooler foods. That’s why I try to save my smoothie eating until the warmer weather arrives. As I wait for the summer to eat these yummy smoothies, I always think of a few I like to make and then I really enjoy putting them together. This smoothie was worth the wait. De-li-cious!

Creamy Sunshine Apricot and Almond Smoothie

Creamy Sunshine Apricot and Almond Smoothie

Every so often I need a glass and a half of creamy sunshine. Normally this smoothie is my afternoon pick me up. It’s a little bit of food to get me through until dinner. The smoothie could be enjoyed as part of a bigger breakfast or you could add a banana for fibre. If you read my blog regularly you will know how I love to experiment with ingredients. These were staring me in the face when I opened the fridge. I decided to throw them all together in a smoothie. The results were amazing and I just had to share this simple smoothie with you.

Beetroot Red and Green Smoothie

When I was a child I really enjoyed eating my greens. My parents tell me I was a great eater and I would eat most, if not all, foods. As long as I can remember I have loved greens and I could eat vegetables all day long. My salad eating habits have lead my lovely husband, Howard, to nickname me ‘Rabbit’.

So when I learned about smoothies and drinking your greens I was intrigued. I wanted to learn more and start making my own. A few years ago my husband bought me a Nutribullet for a birthday present. (And no, this is not an advert for Nutribullet, just part of the story). I was really excited to be able to start making my own smoothies and this is one of many.

Choc Cherry Lavender Smoothie

My 5 Easy Summer Smoothies are nutrient dense and pack full of flavour. They are easy to make and can be stored in the fridge overnight. That means you can make these smoothies the day before and simply grad and go in the morning. My husband Howard and son Ted aren’t the biggest fans of a smoothie for breakfast. Normally I make these for myself but please feel free to double up on ingredients if you have smoothie fans in your family. However you decide to drink these yummy smoothies, as always, please enjoy. Thank you xxx