5 Easy Staycation Dinners

5 Easy Staycation Dinners

When you are on holiday you probably love to go out for a meal. There is no point in packing the kitchen cupboards if you are going on a luxury all expensive’s paid trip abroad. The food will be cooked and waiting for you in a beautiful dinning hall. Sadly, due to the situation, this year many of us are choosing to staycation. A lot of people in the UK and other countries will be going on a holiday in car instead of on a plane.

The beauty of a staycation is that you can, if you have room in the car, take a lot with you. If you aren’t going to far you can prepare all the food in advance and taken it with you frozen. You can also do a shopping order and then have it delivered to your holiday home. Either way it means you might be cooking more in the place that you are staying. Although you may not have the equipment you do at home there are still fantastic meals to be made when your on holiday. Below are five for you to try.

What’s your favourite food to eat when your at home or even when your abroad? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me.

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Spicy Salmon with a Tomato and Mango Rice Salsa

Salmon is normally a staple food sold in most supermarkets in the UK. We eat salmon a lot in our house. My son Ted and I are huge fans of fish. Therefore I’m always looking for new ways to cook it. In the original recipe I suggest cooking this on the BBQ.

If you are staying in a place with outdoor cooking facilities then this is a great dish to take with you. I suggest you make the spice mix before you go and take it with you. That way all you have to do is coat the salmon in the spices and cook the rice salsa when your at your holiday home.

You could have the salmon delivered by a local supermarket or maybe you could find a local fish mongers if you are staying near the sea. The mango rice salsa definitely has a summery vibe to it that will hopefully make you feel like you on holiday. Just add the spicy salmon on top for the ultimate summer dinner. Then sit back and enjoy you holiday.

Harissa Spiced Beef Burgers

Burgers are normally a favourite in our house. My husband Howard and son Ted are big burger fans. Again I’m always interested in finding new ways to cook this dish. When I was shopping a little while ago I found a pot of harissa spices in my local supermarket.

One evening I decided to throw in the spice mix to my burger recipe. The results were amazing. The burgers were very easy to put together. You could have a pot of harissa spices put on your local shopping order or you could buy them an take them with you.

Once again if you have any outdoor cooking facilities at the holiday home you are staying in then you could cook these burgers outside. They are great cooked on a BBQ but they are also good cooked in an oven too. These burgers are another summery dish that could be taken anywhere in the country.

Sweet and Sticky Vegan or Pork Sausage Kebabs

My husband Howard and son Ted absolutely love sausages. They would eat sausages for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There weren’t any complaints when I suggested cooking sausage kebabs for dinner one Saturday. We don’t tend to eat pork a lot in this house. I find my stomach doesn’t respond to well to pork on a regular basis.

Therefore I made Howard and Ted’s kebabs with pork sausages and I ate mine with vegan sausages. By cooking vegan and pork sausages we were able to have the best of both worlds. Plus this is another dish that would be great to take with you on holiday. You could eat this with pitta breads or chips and salad. Again it could be cooked on a BBQ or in the oven of your holiday home. It’s definitely a dish that everyone can enjoy.

Vegan Med Veg Frittata

A frittata is a delicious summer dish that could be served hot or cold. It can also be a great one pan dish too. The other day I realised I’d been eating a few to many eggs but I wanted this dish. I decided to try it with chickpea flour and cashew nut cream cheese. The final dish was so tasty that I didn’t miss the egg. If you are looking for more vegan dishes to take on holiday with you then this one is perfect.

Chickpea flour can be brought in most supermarkets around the UK nowadays. You could order this product and have it delivered to your holiday home or you can take it with you. As well as the chickpea flour this recipe contains cashew nut cream cheese which could be made in advance and frozen for your holiday. Or you could take a nutribullet or blender with you and make it when you arrive. Alternatively if you don’t have a dairy allergy and you wanted to make this a vegetarian meal you could use cream cheese. However you decide to eat this dish enjoy it on your holiday.

Baked Parma Ham and Beef Spaghetti Bolognese

On a hot summers day while you are holiday the last place you want to be is in front of a hob. Therefore baking in an oven, for me, seems a lot easier. It’s a simple dish that you can put in the oven and cook on a low heat for a long time. I thought this dish would be easier to take with you than taking the slow cooker. Although it’s more of a winter dish who doesn’t love a spaghetti bolognese at any time of the year.

It’s another great dish you could make before you go and freeze it for your holiday. If you are only going a few hours up the road then this a perfect dinner to take with you. There aren’t any ingredients in this dish you couldn’t get in the local supermarket. You could order all the ingredients and then have them delivered to your holiday home. All you have to do is cook and enjoy.

Baked Parma Ham and Beef Spaghetti Bolognese

5 Easy Staycation Dinners are great meals to take with you or cook while at your holiday home. These are simple dishes that are super tasty. Most of the ingredients in these meals you can buy in a lot of local supermarkets around the UK. I would check that you can get them before you leave for your holiday. Also these dishes could be eaten as leftover lunches as well. I often take the leftovers from a dinner for lunch the next day. It makes my life a lot easier on holiday. However or where ever you eat these dishes, as always, please enjoy. Thank you xxx