5 Refreshing Summer Drinks for YOU!

Summer in the UK has been a wash out this year. We have been looking at the forecast daily and occasionally it has been so wrong. Thankfully the rest of the month, touch wood, looks bright and sunny. There is only small percentages for rain for each day. (You can tell I’m British, I think I write about the weather a lot!)

Therefore, with the sunshine on it’s way, it’s time to start making those cooling drinks we all love at this time of year. On a warm summers day I enjoy a nice refreshing drink with my feet up in the garden. The five recipes below are all drinks I have enjoyed on hot summer days. These drinks are thirst quenching and they can help to cool you off.

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Ginger Orangeade

A couple of weeks ago I was watching Jamie Oliver on his YouTube channel make a fresh fruit punch with hot water for kids and grown ups. I began to think about all of the drinks I have made with just hot water before. In the morning I normally make a Lemon, Lime and Ginger Hot Water. Then last summer I made a Lavender Limeade. Both of these drinks are so refreshing that I began to wonder how an orange and ginger water would taste.

Therefore I set to work and came up with the recipe below. I drank this on a very warm summers day and I thoroughly enjoyed it. As I was drinking it I thought it would be good as a hot drink on a cold winters day too. It’s a versatile drink that’s delicious in either summer or winter.

Tropical Fruit and Vanilla Water

Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink. Well that’s not the case with this delicious flavoured water. During the summer months I tend to drink a lot of cold water. Occasionally I do crave a sweet drink to quench my thirst. A few weeks ago I made a Tropical Fruit and Cinnamon Salad. I began to wonder what the flavours of these fruits would taste like as a drink. I decided to give it a try and I was very pleased I did. The pineapple and mango made the water refreshing and the vanilla pod made it slightly sweet. It was a great way to enjoy my water without all the added chemical nasty’s you can buy from the shops.

Lavender Limeade

As the weather is going to rise again, and hopefully not rain, I thought this was be a very refreshing drink in the warm weather. It’s an acquired taste but I really enjoyed this soft drink. If you love Parma Violets (a British sweet) then this is the drink for you. It definitely has a flowery flavour. The lavender and honey are sweet, but the lime adds a sourness the drink needs. It’s a refreshing drink that help to calm the body and the mind. 

Strawberry and Vanilla Water

Strawberry and Vanilla Water

Since giving up processed foods and sugars I have been learning about food and exactly what they add to it. We normally only buy Ted a flavoured water when we are out and about. If you like to read packets like me then you will know that not all flavoured waters are made from pure fruit. A lot of the water that claims to have fruit in it will also have added chemicals to preserve it and keep it on the shelf longer. I decided to give it a go myself. It was so simple and easy to do. I loved it and I’m sure you will too.

Lemon, Lime and Ginger Tea

Every morning I will make myself a cup of this delicious tea and I always look forward to drinking it first thing. As well as it being tasty, these ingredients have amazing health benefits and it makes me feel very alive when I drink it. The tea I think kick starts my liver and gives me the get up I need for my day. The drink could be left to cool and then it can be strained. It can then be drank as a delicious flavoured water on a hot sunny day. Plus it’s great for the digestive system too.

Ginger Orangeade

5 Refreshing Summer Drinks are so thirst quenching and definitely great to have in the summer months. Plus they could all be drunk in the cold months as warmer drinks too. They are great to drink on hot summers days in the garden with your feet up. If you don’t have a garden you can put these in drinking bottles and take them with you to the park or wherever you are going. However you decide to drink these delicious beverages, as always, please enjoy. Thank you xxx