5 Mexican Meal Recipes for YOU!

When my husband Howard and I first moved in together we would come home from working in London hungry. We would be in need of a speedy meal. One of our favourites was were Chicken Fajita Wraps. They were quick and easy to make and they would be packed full of flavour too. At that time I didn’t have a lot of time to cook adventurous dinners so any meal would do.

Nowadays I have plenty of time and in the past six years I have cooked a lot of different meals. In recent months I have started to experiment with different mexican meals. They are all so tasty that I thought I would compile a list for you. As the kids are back to school soon I thought their might be parents or grandparents out there wondering what to serve the family after school. So here’s a few quick and simple ideas.

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Chicken Fajita’s with Homemade Spice Mix

Fajita’s are one of those dishes that can be made with minimum effort. The meal is fast to prepare and simple cook. I hate to admit it but all those years ago I did use a spice mix we brought from a local wholesalers. Which I have since learned did have sugar in it. I don’t understand why you need to add sugar to a spice mix.

Nowadays I don’t tend to buy any spice mixes as I love to make my own. I use spices in my cooking a lot so I don’t feel that buying individual spices is a waste. They always get used up in a variety of dishes that we all enjoy. Therefore making my own spice mix for this dinner was a fairly simple task. I already had an idea of what goes into a fajita mix. I just had to put my brain into gear and start mixing. The results were amazing and one we will be eating again very soon.

Roasted Butternut Squash and Lentil Chilli

Lentils are part of the legume family. They are a tiny bean that grows inside a pod and they come in red, green, brown and black varieties. Lentils are very easy to cook and they are very affordable too. They also make a fantastic healthy alternative to meat. As we don’t eat meat during the week, we will quite often have a lentil meal instead. My husband Howard and son Ted aren’t so keen on my lentil dishes. I love them though and I love experimenting with all sorts of legumes. They also make a scrummy chilli too.

Spicy Mexican Salmon and Quinoa Risotto

Fish dishes are one of our favourites in this house. My son Ted and I are huge fish fans but my husband Howard is not so keen. Therefore I’m always looking for new ways to cook fish for the family that will be enjoyed. We do tend to eat a lot of salmon. It’s packed full of omega 3’s and B vitamins. Plus it’s a great source of protein and a brilliant source of potassium.

So great for those people growing in the family but even better for people who are getting older too. We all need all of the above and more. Howard and I love spicy food so this was a perfect dish for us to eat. Although Howard doesn’t like fish that much he really enjoyed it cooked this way. To be honest Ted had his plain. It was still a little bit too spicy for him but he did enjoy it too. A meal that’s pack full of goodness that the whole family can enjoy.

Cheesy Tuna and Olive Quesadillas with Homemade Refried Beans

Cheesy Tuna and Olive Quesadilla’s with Homemade Refried Beans

In this house we like eating fish twice a week. Normally fish nights are Mondays and Fridays most of the time. Therefore I’m always looking for new ways to use different types of fish in my meals.

The other week I was nosing about in my kitchen cupboards wondering what to feed my family with a tin of tuna. There were a few leftover wraps in the bread bin as well. So I started thinking about the meals we have eaten with wraps and tuna.

In the past, I have eaten the chicken version of this dish so I thought I would try it with tuna. I had also been meaning to make refried beans too. So this was the perfect opportunity to try this new meal and the results, I’m pleased to say, were amazing. Well worth the effort for the dinner at the end. 

Beef and Homemade Refried Black Bean Quesadilla’s

A couple of months ago I decided to make tuna and olive quesadillas for dinner. They were a big hit with my family and it was one meal we all really enjoyed. Therefore I decided to experiment with different ingredients. Quesadilla’s are a mexican dish that is normally made with a thin dough or tortilla. The quesadilla’s are filled with a Mexican cheese and other meat or vegetable fillings. Then folded over on itselfs and cooked on a griddle or in a frying pan.

This delicious savoury dinner is a work in progress in Mexico and there are many different varieties of this dish. It’s a cheap meal that is sold in lots of restaurants all over the world. As quesadillas are always developing in Mexico, I’m hopefully going to continue growing my quesadilla repertoire. So watch this space. For now you can enjoy this yummy meal.

Spicy Mexican Salmon and Quinoa Risotto

5 Mexican Meal Recipes are simple and easy to cook. These meals will quite happily feed the family. They could also be made in advance of the meal and frozen. If you like to batch cook then these could be made at the weekend and kept in the freezer until you want to eat them. Remember to remove them from the freezer before you go to work though. The meals are so yummy as a main meal but any leftovers could be eaten the next day for packed lunch. However you decide to eat these dishes, as always, please enjoy.