5 Amazing Winter Soups

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On a cold winters night I love nothing more than eating a big bowl of steaming hot soup. I’m not a fan of winter but the one thing that keeps me going is the food. Soups are simple but delicious dishes that can be made in minutes. They are a very warming meal and a healthy way to get lots of vitamins and minerals into your family. Exactly what’s needed in the middle of winter. It’s a perfect family meal and soup can be enjoyed by single people too. Plus they can be made in advance and kept in the freezer. Here are 5 of my favourite soups for you.

Tomato and Basil

Firstly we have a classic Tomato and Basil soup. It was one of my first soup blogs that I posted here. It’s a family favourite of ours too. Well, as long as I make it with mozzarella balls for my son Ted. I think tomato and basil are two flavours that taste great together. These two ingredients are yummy on their own but we added mozzarella for a cheeky extra creaminess too.

Cream of Sweet Potato and Chicken

The first time I made this soup my son had just got chicken pox. It has been scientifically proven that Grandma’s Chicken Soup can help to cure a lot of ailments, including chicken pox. I added the sweet potato as Ted used to love it but he doesn’t like soup. I thought it may help him to eat it if there was a vegetable in there he liked. Sadly this didn’t seem to work and he still doesn’t like soup much either. Only with mozzarella balls in!

Leek and Sweet Potato

When I first moved in with my husband Howard, I made the classic Leek and Potato Soup on several occasions. I started writing this blog several years ago and that’s when I really started to experiment with flavours too. Although I love leek and potatoes together I wondered what sweet potato would taste like instead. So a few years ago I gave it a try for my blog post. It was so tasty and sweet. A dish Howard and I really enjoyed. But for Ted we are still trying to convince him that this soup is good!

Pea, Mint and Butter Bean Soup

Now this is a soup I enjoy all by myself. Howard and Ted are not big pea fans so it’s one I make just for me to eat. I would never have thought of putting peas in a soup but I was thinking about all the vegetables you could puree. Peas is always a great puree for babies and toddlers. So I wondered what they would taste like as a soup. Plus minted peas are always a popular choice so I decided to add this ingredient too. In minutes I had a simple but scrummy soup. My plate was clean by the end of this meal.

Sweet and Slightly Spicy Roasted Orange Vegetable Soup

A NEW recipe on my blog but one that I think will become a classic in this house. Howard, Ted and I all like sweet foods and we don’t mind sweet and savoury together. Plus we all love a little bit of spice in our meals. So this is a perfect meal for us all. (Apart from the one who doesn’t like soup.) We have only just had this meal but I’m sure we will be eating it again soon.

All of these soups can be enjoyed with my Homemade Flatbread or, if you are gluten intolerant like me, then a chickpea pancake.