5 Rosemary Recipes For YOU!

Roasted Beetroot and Rosemary Quinoa Loaf

Since giving up processed foods and sugars I have always added herbs and spices to my meal. Herbs and spices are full of flavour and they can make a meal so tasty. The herb rosemary seems to follow our family around. When I was a child I remember my mum growing herbs in our garden. She would grown them and my dad would make them into delicious dinners. One of the herbs that grows well anywhere is rosemary.

In the last house we lived in we had a large rosemary bush in the garden. Our house was built on an old piece of farm land and the rosemary bush just kept on growing. When we moved into our new house we had another rosemary bush that has grown here too. Of course, I have to use it in my recipes.

As well as being tasty, rosemary is a healing herb that can help the body thrive. Rosemary is high in antioxidants and anti inflammatory compounds. When eaten as part of a healthy diet it can help to lower blood sugar and can help to improve you mood and memory. Plus it can help to support brain health and may protect vision and eye health. It’s such a great herb and it will leave your dinners with so much flavour. Here are five recipes for you.

Dad’s Roast Chicken with Beer Gravy

Roasted Beetroot and Rosemary Quinoa Loaf

Eggs on toast or soup and a big crusty roll are probably what I miss most about not being able to eat gluten. Since giving up processed foods and sugars I discovered a slight gluten allergy. So I can no longer eat bread and I’m not really a fan of gluten free bread. Gluten free bread is made by washing the gluten from the flour with chemicals. So for me, I would rather eat cardboard than a slice of gluten free bread.

A while back I started to miss bread. I was OK with it until my husband Howard and son Ted started eating fruit toast with jam in Starbucks. It looked so good I decided to makes a fruit loaf of my own to eat. Then I started to make different types of gluten free bread. I also started to experiment with different flours. I found that quinoa made a really good flour and I have made lots of loafs with it. I decided to try it with roasted beetroot and rosemary. The results were amazing and I just had to share this with you.

Roast Chicken with Dad’s Beer Gravy

My dear old Dad was not a great lover of chicken. I think his sisters once chased him around the kitchen with a chicken’s head. It put him off for life. He also told me he didn’t like to cook the whole animal. It used to put him off his dinner cooking a whole dead bird and it always made him feel slightly queasy.

Apart from those minor details my dad, I thought, was great at cooking roast chicken dinner. The chicken was always succulent and juicy but the gravy was the best bit for me. My dad enjoyed experimenting with flavour so he would always pour red wine, beer or a spirit into his recipes.

When I was a teenager, I remember we had invited my friend Katie over for dinner and we were having roast chicken with dad’s beer gravy. Katie, like most of my friends, was always happy to eat my dads dinners but this one I think she loved the most. While eating the dinner she decided to ask if there was alcohol in the gravy and my dad said he’d put beer in it. Katie replied, ‘I know I can taste it and I think I’m drunk.’

My dad was not convinced as he always used to tell me that the alcohol burns off when you cook it so you should just be left with the flavour. To this day I’m not sure he was telling the whole truth and my friend certainly didn’t believe it either. Although, she was a bit of a lightweight drinker being a teenager but she did love this dinner and so do I. Well worth a try.

Slow Cooked Lamb Stew

Slow cooking food is so good for you. As it slow cooks it lets the food retain the nutrition and flavour while cooking a healthy meal. So cooking lamb stew slowly helps to maintain all the goodness. Eating lamb occasionally is an excellent source of protein and vital nutrients, like iron, zinc, selenium and vitamin B12. Lamb is a type of red meat that probably gets a bad reputation, due to its fat content.  However, if you can afford it, high quality meats like grass fed lamb are excellent and truly healthy protein sources.

Please do not worry if there is no slow cooker in your home. I have also put how to oven cook this recipe slowly as well. Although, I highly recommend investing in a slow cooker as it has been a well used piece of kitchen equipment in our house, they are not very expensive.  I love mine and I will continue to defend it as I feel they are worth it.

Lush Spring Veggie Stew

For me, stews are the ultimate in comfort food. My husband Howard and son Ted aren’t so keen. However, for this meal I added a lot of flavour to the dish and this seemed to help win them over. Plus I used a lot of tasty vegetables which added texture. It was a huge success in this house and definitely one I will be serving again before summer arrives.

Let’s Start Soaking Those Feet

Since becoming a mum I no longer have hours to spend soaking in the bath. In fact, some days I rarely get a chance to sit down with a small child running around. So taking a nice hot bath by myself is near impossible. Then I discovered that soaking the feet in Epsom salt has all the same effects as taking a bath.

Homemade Foot Spa

In the evenings once my son has gone to bed, while sat at the kitchen table, writing or reading a book, I now soak my feet for 20 – 30 minutes. It’s the perfect solution to my not taking a bath and I still use Epsom salt in the foot soak. Soaking the feet works on the principal that the feet are connected to every part of the body. The feet use the healing power of the water to bring relaxation and draw out toxins from the body through the sweat glands in the feet.

These recipes are full of flavour and they are so tasty. Rosemary is a great herb to grow in the garden but it’s also a wonderful plant to cook with. The stalk is edible but I wouldn’t recommend you eat it. The leaves can be removed from the stalk and put into a dish or you can put the stalk in. It can be removed once the dish has cooked. However you decide to eat these dishes, as always, please enjoy.