5 Prawn Dinners for YOU

5 Prawn Dinners

When I tell my son Ted we will be having prawns for dinner anyone would have thought it was his birthday. I like variety in the meals we eat so we don’t eat prawns that much. As I said when I inform Ted it’s prawns for dinner he’s always super excited. Fish dinners are normally a favourite with him. He especially enjoys a prawn meal.

Prawns are rich in Zinc which is important for developing a healthy immune system. They are also a great source of selenium and prawns can help to build strong bones. Eating prawns as part of a healthy diet can be good for everyone. I often like to cook different dishes with prawns too. My husband Howard who isn’t a big fish fan even enjoys these fish dishes. Prawn meals are definitely a hit in our house.

Do you like prawns and what is your favourite prawn meal? Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like, comment and follow me.

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Prawns in Tomato Rice

The other day I was making my usual meal plan for the week and I was trying to decide what to eat on our fish night. For this I use the internet and I also draw from my own recipes on my blog. As I was looking through my recipes I noticed my spicy prawn rice meal. I thought about how I could change this meal to make it slightly different. For Howard and I spice isn’t an issue, we love it. Ted is a little less keen on spicy food. He will eat it but if I make it too spicy he’s really not keen. Therefore I decided to remove the spice and just add herbs. The results were super tasty and everyone really enjoyed this dish.

Garlic Prawns Stir Fry

Prawns are one of Ted’s favourite dinners and he is also a fan of garlic as well. Plus, he doesn’t mind eating a stir fry too. So I decided to combine all three of these ideas to make a Garlic Prawn Stir Fry. It was so yummy that I think my son may have even eaten a few of the vegetables too. Ted is not a vegetables fan either so this was a huge bonus for me.

Slow Cooked Prawn Chilli

As Ted loves fish I always try to include two fish dinners per week in our menu. These dinners are normally on a Monday and a Friday. The meals will be different most weeks but the days we eat these dinners on stays the same. I find it really helps me meal plan if I have specific days to cover.

So from Friday to Monday we have meat and fish dishes and then the rest of the week we have vegan or vegetarian. Plus if Ted knows he will be eating fish at the weekend it generally makes him look forward to these days. Ted loved this dinner and we know your families will enjoy it too.

Seafood Pesto and Pasta

When I plan the menu for a week I always like us to have two fish dishes. My son Ted and I love fish. My husband is a little less keen. It depends on the type of fish in the meal. So when I try to find inspiration for new family fish meals I always take my husbands specifics about fish into consideration. The meal that I have just made a video about is one we all love to eat. It does take time to cook but the effort is worth it for the results. The video on how to make this yummy dish is now on my YouTube channel Googie’s Kitchen.

Prawns with Parma Ham and Melon

My dear old Dad really enjoyed cooking but on a Friday night he liked to give himself the night off. So instead of making a hearty meal he would prepare what he liked to call a ‘cold supper’. These types of meals normally included cold meats like ham and salad. We would eat these with a chunky piece of fresh bread bought from a bakery.

Occasionally, he would put together prawns with parma ham and melon. It was one of my favourites. I remember when I lived at home, my friend Lucy from University came to visit and she was served this meal by my dad. Lucy, for one reason or another, had a really long train journey to get to us. When she arrived she was really hungry but didn’t really know what she wanted to eat.

Until the prawns with parma ham and melon arrived in front of her. Then Lucy told me that the dish was delicious and perfect after a long day travelling. It was just what she needed. When I told my dad what Lucy had said he just shrugged his shoulders and sighed, ‘ah well.’ Bless my dad never one to be boastful about his cooking. Even though I think he was a bit of an expert.

Garlic Prawn Stir Fry

These 5 prawn dinners are always gratefully received by the people that eat them. My little familys’ plates are always cleaned when I serve a prawn meal for dinner. We always look forward to these meals and we hope you do too. However you decide to eat these dinners, as always, please enjoy. Thank you xxx