5 Curry Recipes for YOU!

In recent years I have been in my kitchen experimenting with not only flavour but also texture too. I have enjoyed using all different kinds of ingredients to make a variety of dishes. The one dish I love cooking is a curry. Normally I make these in my slow cooker or occasionally I will cook them on the hob. Many years ago when my husband Howard and I would order a takeaway I would always vote for a curry.

Nowadays I prefer making my own. I love learning about Indian foods from friends, videos and blog post too. I find it really fascinating how the Indian culture thinks food is medicine and medicine is food. I have learned so much about healing my stomach with food. Plus Indian food is super tasty and it can make delicious meals the whole family can enjoy.

What’s your favourite curry and have you ever tried to cook it from scratch. Let me know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me.

Slow Cooked Chicken Tikka Masala

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As I mentioned earlier in recent months, I have been experimenting with spices and mixing them into all different kinds of meals. I have also been looking at what to use in a Masala. If I was ordering an Indian now this would be one dish I would always consider. Nowadays I don’t need to consider it as I’ve learned how to cook it to perfection. We ate this on a Saturday and it was such a tasty treat. Plus it was made in the slow cooker so felt like we’d been to the takeaway to buy it.

Tikka Salmon and Tomato Quinoa

My son Ted and I love fish. It’s one of our favourite meals and it’s a food, that as a mother, I want to keep encouraging Ted to eat. My husband Howard, depending on how the fish is cooked, isn’t always so keen on these meals. Therefore I’m always trying to think of new ways to cook fish.

As a family we try to eat fish at least twice a week. It’s always great to have variety in our meal. I was thinking about making a fish curry the other day. We eat curries quite often, especially at this time of year. Then I had a thought about tikka and I decided to try it with the salmon. The results were amazing and I thought I’d share the recipe with you. 

Baked Pork Thai Curry

Curries are one of my favourite meals, especially when the weather starts to turn colder. They are a brilliant winter warmer and this one was perfect for our cold, wet Sunday last week. When the weather starts to turn from Autumn to Winter I like nothing more than heating myself up with a tasty warm meal.

For me, I feel it’s instinctive to want to feel warmer in cooler weather and to feel cooler in warmer weather. Ayurvedic medicine believes in just this theory. In Winter we should eat warming foods to heat up the body to be able to face the cold when we go out. Then in Summer we should eat colder foods to cool the body down from the heat. If you think about it, it makes sense. Therefore a curry is always welcome in the Winter.

Slow Cooked Thai Green Lentil Curry

Chicken Korma from Scratch

At the weekends I like to experiment with different dinners that we love to eat. Recently, I made a vegetable korma for a week day meal. It was delicious so I decided to turn it into a chicken korma. We really enjoy eating curries as part of our weekly menu but normally we have a vegan or vegetarian one during the week. To eat a chicken korma on a Saturday night is definitely a treat for us.

Slow Cooker Thai Green Lentil Curry

My husband Howard and son Ted aren’t the biggest fans of lentils. Therefore I’m always trying to invent new recipes. A daily dose of fibre can help to protect the body from diabetes and colon cancer. Lentils are one food that are packed full of protein as well as other great nutrients. The folate, iron and potassium in lentils also have a positive effect on the body.

The inspiration for this recipe came from my Thai Green Chicken Curry recipe. I was on my blog looking for meal ideas for the weekly menu and I stumble upon the curry recipe. Instead of chicken I decided to try lentils and I changed a few of the other ingredients. The results were amazing and of course, it’s one I had to share with you.

Slow Cooked Chicken Tikka Masala

5 Curry Recipes are super easy to cook and taste amazing. They are great for a mid week meal or a weekend dinner too. There are a couple of recipes that us e a slow cooker and my slow cooker is a god send. This is not an advert for slow cookers but I want to let you know that when I cook with a slow cooker it feels like the fairies have come to cook the dinner. I guess what I’m try to say is they are worth the investment. These are great meals to cook in bulk as well. It means double and freeze the leftovers. However you decide to eat these curries, as always, please enjoy. Thank you xxx