3 Vegan Soups

Nothing beats a bowl of warm soup on a cold winters day. Soup is an easy dinner to prepare and cook. Plus soup is always tasty and it can be very cheap too. It also has a number of health benefits as well. Firstly, soup can help to keep you warm, it can help you to lose weight, it keeps you satiated and it’s great for digestion. We love soup and we hope you enjoy the soups below.

Do you enjoy a big bowl of soup and if so, what’s your favourite? Let me know in the comments below. Below is a video and recipes for you.

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Miso Black Bean Noodle Soup

My son Ted, who is eight years old, loves chicken or salmon noodle soup. It’s one of his favourite meals that I cook for my little family. As a mum it pleases me that he enjoys this dish. I always use bone broth, chicken or vegetable stock to cook all the ingredients in. Therefore I know he is getting a lot of different nutrients his body need to survive and thrive.

When I make vegan meals during the week I’m always a little bit scared of what Ted will think or if he will eat the dish at all. Ted can be a very fussy eater and it does not make my life easy. I’m forever playing hid the vegetables but occasionally I serve up a big bowl like this one.

Although I wasn’t sure how this meal would go down I had a feeling that Ted may like this dish as it still had noodles in it. In the end I got an alright from my son and I was pleased as he loved the broth and noodles. My husband and I really enjoyed this meal. We hope you will too.

Vegan Broccoli and Cheese Soup

Green vegetables have always been a favourite of mine. I eat that many greens my husband has nicknamed me the ‘Rabbit’. Well Howard I’m now drinking my greens too. Winter is finally here in the UK. The temperature has dropped and it’s cold outside baby! One of the best ways to keep the body well during Winter months is to heat it up from the inside out.

Eating or drinking soup is a great way to help warm the body in the colder months. It’s also a brilliant way to detox too. Broccoli is a fantastic detox veggie. It contains a chemical compound called sulforaphane. Sulforaphane is a compound that can help fight infectious cells in the body. Eating broccoli can help to to boost the liver’s ability to clear bad chemicals from the body. Therefore drinking it in a soup is even healthier. Plus it’s a super tasty way to fill up on nutrients.

Slow Cooker Vegetable Masala Soup

The last food I think about in the summer is soup but it is very nutritious. Although I do believe we should eat more cooling foods during summer and warming foods during winter I still like a bowl of soup any time of the year. Eating a bowl of hot soup on a warm summers day can help to bring the body into balance with the toasty environment.

When we consume soup on a hot summers day it raises our body temperature. It sends a signal to our gauge to cool us down as a result. The sweat from our bodies will begin to evaporate and this will help to cool us down. Therefore hot soup on a summer’s day can not only be comforting but also cooling as well. The spices in this dish will also have a cooling effect on the body. The soup is not only tasty and heathly, it’s helpful too.

Slow Cooker Vegetable Masala Soup

3 Vegan Soups are all so yummy. They are very easy to prepare and cook. All the ingredients in these meals can be frozen so you could make big batches of these soups and freeze them for another occasion. These soups make a delicious lunch or a scrummy dinner. I will often eat the leftovers from the previous evening meal. To me, they taste better than the night before. However you decide to eat these soups. as always, please enjoy. Thank you.