5 Potato Recipes for YOU

5 Potato Recipes for YOU

The simple potato was once a staple on our tables. In recent years the potato has got a bad rap and I can understand this point of view. A study from Harvard suggests that potatoes are high in carbohydrates and low in protein. The carbs in a potato are the kind that the body digest rapidly. Therefore they are not a slow burning food. It’s much better for the body to be filled with slow burning carbohydrates as these will keep us fuller for longer.

Now I agree with this to a certain extent. In the past few weeks I have been studying the practice of Ayurveda. Ayurveda suggests there are different body types and that yes, while the potato is a starchy food that is not great for the body, one body type may process it differently to another. For example, my Aunt has said in the past that she can eat potatoes until the cows come home. If I eat potatoes then I know that they don’t fill me up for very long and if I eat too many I do easily gain weight. I could swear we are not related but we are!

Ayurveda believes that when our bodies are in harmony with the outside world we are able to eat as we wish to but there are basic principles that we must adhere to in our to keep our bodies and minds well. It’s a way of life that is there to help each person around the world thrive. It can also help us to enjoy potato occasionally too.

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Creamy ‘No Cream’ Ham and Leek Pie

My Nan and Dad were always great at using up leftovers. Nan would always make stews but Dad would always make a pie. We still had gammon left in our freezer from Christmas so I decided to eat it up. So that left me to decide whether we were going to be eating a stew or a pie. I went with pie this time but don’t worry there is another stew and soup recipe coming later in the week. So stay tuned. Plus the pie was so yummy and well worth trying.

Vegan Lentil Cottage Pie

Recently I have been shopping at my local farm shop again and it has made me realise how much I love fresh fruit and vegetables. Our local farm shop tries to stock fruit and vegetables from the local area. Obviously there are a lot of fruit and vegetables that have to be flown or brought in from other parts of the world. However I always find a good selection of local veggies.

So while I was shopping last week I was inspired to make a Lentil Cottage Pie. I probably should name it after the shop I bought the vegetables in but I don’t think my readers would understand the title. So instead it’s just a Vegan Lentil Cottage Pie, but it’s a delicious pie. Well worth a try.

Potato Rosti, Fried Egg and Kale

When I was a child, my Nan would take my brother and I to Switzerland for 2-3 weeks during the summer holidays. We would visit my Aunt, Uncle and cousins while we were there. I always remember eating this dish while I was there. I had never thought of making it myself until the other day.

We really enjoy egg and chips but I fancied a change. I had a memory of my uncle cooking this in Switzerland and I decided to give it a try myself. When we ate this in Switzerland I don’t think we had it with eggs and kale. It was probably served with cheese, knowing my Swiss relatives. I decided to serve it with fried eggs and kale. The results were so tasty I just had to share it with you.

Cheesy ‘No Cheese’ Fishcakes

My Auntie Angie and cousin Virginia from Switzerland are both gluten, dairy, oat and cornflour intolerant. I’m also gluten intolerant and I don’t tend to eat a lot of dairy either. When they come to stay it can be a challenge to know what to cook.

However, I love a challenge and a year or so ago my cousin decided to visit with her partner Florian. For a while I had been thinking about making these cheesy ‘no cheese’ fishcakes. As my cousin has a dairy allergy I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to test them.

My cousin being Swiss used to love cheese. So I always like to think of delicious food she can eat that will hopefully satisfy her cheese craving. Thankfully this fake cheese recipe was very well received and everyone really enjoyed it.

Yummy Bombay Potatoes

My favourite takeaway was always an Indian and I would normally always order a meat dish like a korma and a side of rice. Since giving up processed foods and sugar it’s very rare that we order a takeaway. Nowadays, I much prefer experimenting and inventing my own takeaway dinners.

There were several items I would never have thought to try on a takeaway menu. We are creatures of habit, aren’t we! I was out for dinner with friends one time and I ordered an Indian meal. Bombay Potatoes was part of that dish and it was so yummy. It inspired me to try my own version at home.

Vegan Lentil Cottage Pie

These 5 potato recipes are very much enjoyed in our house. My husband Howard and son Ted love these dishes and we do eat them every so often. They are very easy to cook and so tasty too. All of these recipes are freezable as well. Therefore you can could make them into batches and freeze them for another occasion. We all have a favourite in this list and we would love to know what your favourite potato meals are? Let us know in the comments below and please don’t forget to like and follow me. However you decided to eat these dinners, as always, please enjoy. Thank you xxx